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‘Don’t Lose The Music’ Festival Tips ::

Reported by Ben Stroud on June 29, 2009

Britain’s Royal National Institute for the Deaf (RNID) issued a festival hearing alert this week, urging revellers to pack ear-plugs alongside condoms and sun screen.

"Earplugs may not be the first thing you would think of packing but should be an essential part of your festival survival kit,” said Emma Harrison, RNID Director of External Affairs.

“Earplugs are the music industry's best kept secret, and many bands and their roadies swear by them. Don’t let hearing loss or tinnitus get in the way of you and the music. Our solution is simple: pick up some reusable earplugs that reduce volume, not quality of sound, at around £15 a pair they won’t break the bank.  Use chill out zones to give your ears a rest and don’t stand too close to the speakers,” she advised.

The organisation suggested clubbers leaving clubs hearing ringing or dullness to sounds should be worried and linked to a page on Ministry of Sound’s website selling ER-20 plugs which reduce sound levels by 20decibels.

The RNIB’s latest campaign coincided with the beginning of Glastonbury which as well as becoming a mud bath again almost immediately, sold out all 150,000 tickets well in advance. Despite its ongoing commercial success, festival co-organiser Melvin Benn admitted he’s superstitious about predicting the future (‘in case it gives me a slap’) in an article predicting major economic problems for small and medium events. Festival guru/ Mean Fiddler chief Vince Powers was equally cautious about commercial prospects for all festivals, in 2010.

"I think that the larger festivals will be unaffected this year. Who knows next year,” he told the Telegraph.

"Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds and the Isle of Wight – they were all out of the box pretty early. The effect won't be felt until next year," he predicted.

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