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Legendary Berlin Club Faces Closure ::

Reported by Ben Stroud on July 8, 2009

West Berlin live venue SO36 could be closed after noise conscious neighbours forced the nightlife institution to lower decibel levels and consider spending thousands on sound insulation at the 30 year old Kreuzberg club.

News portal branded SO36 the ‘CBGBs of Berlin’ and suggested it’s also struggling simply because of its age, a point endorsed by Vice Berlin Magazine writer Neale Lytollis.

“Berlin's clubbing landscape changes almost on a weekly basis, new places open, others close, temporary venues crop up, illegal parties move from place to place. SO36, has hung on in there longer than most but I think it's probably had its day,” he predicted.

“And I must confess that SO36 doesn't figure all that highly on my personal list of venues to go to when I am out clubbing at all, though I do recognise the status it has had in the past. But like CBGBs and other clubs which make their mark during a particular movement of music, once popular tastes shift to other genres, it's pretty much inevitable that the golden days of the venue will pass too. SO36 is historically important certainly but is it still relevant today? I'd say probably not.”

The Berlin based Brit also writes for Electronic Beats magazine and recently published nightlife guides for both Time Out and Vice magazine and stressed he remains a passionate supporter of Berlin’s club scene compared to that of his hometown of Newcastle

“I don't think there's any comparison. Berlin is wide-open, it has way more to offer, it's crazy and contrary to popular opinion, Germans are really cool,” said Neale.

“Berlin is also a very safe city at night. I remember when I still lived in Newcastle coming out of clubs and having to figure out the best way to walk home to avoid the danger spots. You could almost guarantee there'd be trouble brewing somewhere. That just doesn't happen here. You tumble out of a club and just walk home the quickest way,” he said,

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