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Reported by Ben Stroud on July 8, 2009

“The Beat Goes On. Disco Is Not Dead.” (New York Times)

New York Times critic Alex Hawgood suggests that new albums from the Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga and Whitney Houston (!) means disco is about to dominate America’s pop charts.


“Ecstasy is what you should always experience during and after sex, and a condom should never interfere.”

US condom company Trojan unveil the latest brand of newly designed sheaths called ‘Trojan Ecstasy Condoms.’


"I have just spoken with Rick, who is in Copenhagen preparing for his show on Friday evening at the Tivoli Gardens. I think this is somebody's idea of a joke or retribution for the Rick Rolling internet prank.” (

Tops Henderson, manager of manufactured cheesy pop 80s icon Rick Astley insists his star wasn’t found dead in a Berlin hotel room earlier this week.


'Today in many cities, we see several Muslim women wearing the burkha, which covers and fully envelops the body and the head, or the niqab which allows only the eyes to be shown. They are totally unacceptable on the territory of the French republic.”

French politician Andre Gerin moves to ban burqas after labeling them ‘mobile prisons’.


"Most homosexual men spend our formative years in the closet and once we come out, we tend to deny that closetedness has its pleasures -- and damned juicy ones, truth be told. Having a secret, perhaps double, life gives you a sense of importance, of life as drama."  (

US writer/ journalist James Hannaham, speaks about the inspiration behind his debut novel ‘God Says No.’

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