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Beaten Up Request DJ To Sue Soccer Star ::

Reported by Charlie G [] on September 2, 2009

A man who was punched three times by Liverpool player Steven Gerrard then brutally battered by six of his friends has said he plans to sue the  Liverpool footballer after Gerrard was found ‘not guilty’ of affray.

Marcus McGee told the People newspaper that Gerrard’s companions had kicked and punched him and smashed a pint glass on his head, during two sustained attacks in the Lounge Inn, Southport, which we’re sparked by his refusal to change the music when Gerrard demanded it.

"That night my friends who run the bar asked me to look after the music,” Mr McGee told the tabloid.

“I just wish now I had changed it like I was asked and none of this would have happened. Still, you don't expect to be attacked for refusing a request no matter how famous that person making the request is,” he added.

All six of Gerrard’s friends pleaded guilty though walked free after being given suspended jail sentences by the judge at Liverpool Crown Court,

In more football fighting news, Leicester University sports sociologist John Williams downplayed the violence between Millwall and West Ham gangs in London this week, telling the BBC such aggression is ‘indicative of our culture.’

“Britain produces men who go into city centres and fight,’ he pointed out, “The biggest stage [on which] you can do that, as they see it, is football,” he explained.

The academic’s assessment matched the views of deceased maverick Conservative Minister Alan Clarke who in 1998 empathised with fighting fans in Marseilles, suggesting that rival gangs who challenged them were paying ‘a kind of compliment to the English martial spirit’.

"If you are English you are targeted, and if you are English and tough- looking and wearing an English flag - and why shouldn't you? - and if you are, you will find that not only the ordinary police target you, but there are particular groups of thugs who are set up,” he pointed out.

You can't expect teams of supporters to stand back and be sneered at and spat at and have missiles hurled at them,” he added. (West Ham vs Millwall, Sky News report)

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