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Graham Gold Endorses Talking Head Cycle Path ::

Reported by Charlie G [] on September 24, 2009

Extracts from David Byrne’s new book Bicycle Diaries appeared in the  international press this week, revealing that the former Talking Heads front man remains evangelical about cycling.

Reminiscing about swerving to avoid Paris Hilton (‘crossing the street against the light and looking around as if to say, "I'm Paris Hilton, don't you recognize me?"’) he was similarly effervescent about the economic benefits downsizing to bikes brings.

“I believe that the exhilaration, freedom, and convenience I experience as I ride around will be discovered by more and more people,” Byrne predicted, “As others have mentioned, the economic collapse of 2008 might be a godsend. A window has opened, and people might be willing to rethink the balance of quality of life.”

The X Press 2 collaborator’s cycling passion was recognized by UK house legend Graham Gold who, chatting to Skrufff this week revealed he shipped both his mountain bike and luxury road bike (a Giant Titanium) to Thailand when he relocated last year.

“If you wanna’ really push it on the road bike, then you have to get up early or set off after 5pm, otherwise it’s too hot,” said Graham (chatting about his new home on the infamous party island of Koh Panghan),

“I try to go out at least twice a week though I still can't do ALL the hills. Though it’s a gorgeous island to explore on a bike.”

The keep fit fanatic revealed he always requests a hotel with a gym or swimming pool on his DJ rider, though said he was far more committed to cycling before his DJing career took off.

“My dad was president of the British League of Racing Cyclists and he was responsible for the Tour Of Britain becoming ‘The Milk Race’,” said Graham.

“I used to be in a great cycling club, and I’d train twice a week, race every weekend and also do the Sunday club runs. Then I crashed one year in the National Championships and that fucked it all up for me really. But my ex wife bought me a bike for Christmas some years back and I got the bug back. So yeah, I guess I can empathize with David Byrne,” he said.

In London cycling news, new data released by police revealed that bike thefts have increased by 75% to 426 bikes in Central London in the last year, with organised gangs frequently using plumbers’ pipe freeze and hammers to smash locks.

Superintendent Matthew Foley advised cyclists to remove wheels and saddles when parking as well as taking as many additional security measures as possible.

"I use three locks myself,” he told reporters, “But I still see too many, often expensive bikes, with only flimsy locks." (Metro)

Graham Gold’s new single ‘Island Of Dreams’ is out now on Total digital and new mix CD Submerge on Fektive in October.


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