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Pacha Ibiza Rides Out the Recession :: Skrufff

Reported by Charlie G [] on October 21, 2009

Pacha chief Danny Whittle chatted to Skrufff this week about the financial figures for the Balearic club’s just completed summer season and revealed that despite expectations Pacha has enjoyed one of its most successful seasons ever.

“Listening to the news and discussing what was happening all winter, we really expected to be around 10% down on 2008, however, this didn’t actually happen,” Danny revealed.

“We actually beat the numbers for 2008 and have had a fantastic summer so all in all we are very happy with 2009. In fact, because of the ‘crisis’ we may even have done a whole lot better,” he suggested. “Either way, we can’t complain’.

San Antonio club promoter Judge Jules also reported one of his best ever seasons for Judgement Sunday at Eden on his blog last week, though sounded a note of caution about super-rich incomers transforming the island’s vibe to become like the ‘soulless south of France; somewhere awash with money, but with all the cool factor of a branch of Asda’.

“The growth in the ostentatious ‘upmarket’ side of Ibiza tourism has seen a huge increase in yacht berthing and private jets on the island. I don’t have a problem with this market, provided it doesn’t impact on Ibiza attracting the lower-key cooler tourists from around the globe that have created Ibiza’s identity,” said Jules (writing on

“A location that’s been absolutely ruined by this breed of tourists (best-described as ‘euro nobs’) is Blue Marlin Beach Bar and restaurant in Cala Jondal,” Jules continued, “It’s become awash with men in white linen trousers, and self-important looking guys wearing polo shirts with the collars turned up.”

In the same article, Jules commented on the size of Pacha’s VIP area, though Danny downplayed the Radio 1 DJ’s concerns.

“I think you get nobs in all groups of people not just amongst the wealthy,” he pointed out.

“Ibiza will always attract the kids and the VIPs, this is why it’s important for San Antonio to remain a good value for money resort, this is the gateway to the island for first timers and younger kids on a tight budget,” said Danny.

“With regards to the balance, I think it’s unavoidable that Ibiza will become more exclusive, simply because it’s an small island that’s 20km by 40km in the middle of the Mediterranean and it’s two hours from any European capital. For better or worse, these factors make it a very desirable place to be and this is reflected in the price of property and everything else.”

“The building land in Ibiza is very limited which means that property will get more expensive therefore attracting wealthier people who want better services and this rolls out across the island. Having said that, Ibiza tends to attract quite like minded people and this crosses the money divide.”

Island legend Jose Padilla told the Sun recently he remain worried about the recession impacting on Ibiza next year though Danny brushed off his concerns.

“I’m actually really excited about 2010,” he enthused, “I think all the world economies are starting to recover. The most important thing is confidence. When the public see things starting to go the right way they become more confident to book their holidays,”

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