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Creamfields, Ministry & Madchester’s Middle East Move :: Skrufff

Reported by Charlie G [] on October 27, 2009

UK superclub brands Creamfields and Ministry Of Sound announced ambitious plans to stage events in the United Arab Emirates this week, with Creamfields hosting an event in Abu Dhabi and Ministry launching a proper, full-on Ministry Of Sound night’ monthly in Dubai.

‘We’re looking at Dubai as a fixture for the foreseeable future, at least for 12-18 months,” Ministry’s middle East boss Paul Christodoulou told Time Out Dubai.

“And the city makes a great jumping-off point for other places – Abu Dhabi, obviously, but also out to places like Beirut, Jordan and elsewhere in the Middle East..”

Creamfields instead revealed they’re licensing a one off event in Abu Dhabi on December 11, though Flash Entertainment MD John Lickrish conceded that Dubai’s rival statelet has struggled in the past from having a less developed club scene.

“It’s sometimes hard to convince the performer that Abu Dhabi’s the place to come. They don’t want to go out into an empty arena,” he told UAE newspaper the National.

“Hosting Creamfields Abu Dhabi will ensure that the city instantly becomes recognised as a key destination on the dance festival circuit,” he vowed adding ‘and we are proud to be making this happen.”

Also in Dubai in November is a major new music festival called Dubai Sound City featuring notoriously hedonistic party bands the Farm and Madchester legends Happy Mondays. Their imminent arrival prompted the National to publish an unusually detailed feature looking at the history of Manchester’s nightlife and the role ‘the city’s expanding drug culture’ had in bringing criminal gangs into clubland.

“Everybody who was anybody in the gangs, in the groups, in the drug culture, they were all in the Hacienda because it was so hip and so hot then,” New Order bassist, co-owner of the Hacienda Peter Hook told the National.

“It was a very hedonistic and selfish period,” he added.

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