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Ecstasy ‘Still Safer’ than Fags, Booze & Horses :: Skrufff

Reported by Charlie G [] on November 3, 2009

British drugs Tsar Professor David Nutt called for drug classification laws to reflect genuine health risks this week, noting yet again that cigarettes and alcohol are more dangerous than ecstasy, LSD and cannabis.

The hugely experienced drugs expert pointed out that scientists have already ‘won the intellectual argument' to downgrade sanctions against ecstasy and suggested young people need ‘more accurate and credible information’ instead of the frightening sometimes false information currently peddled by authorities.

“I think we have to accept young people like to experiment – with drugs and other potentially harmful activities,” Professor Nutt told the Daily Mail, “And what we should be doing in all of this is to protect them from harm at this stage of their lives,” he added.

Professor Nutt previously provoked outrage from much of Britain’s media and politicians when he pointed out that taking ecstasy was similarly dangerous to horse riding though support from leading statistician Professor David Spiegelhalter.

Confirming his assertion that taking ecstasy is similarly risky to horse riding, the Cambridge don pointed out that scuba diving is five times more dangerous and hang-gliding eight times as deadly and suggested anti-e sentiment was driven by ‘generally older people feeling the need to take a moral stance’ (The Times).

In other drug news, Professor Nutt told MPs that ketamine is posing a growing health threat, with users risking serious urinary problems.

"We are seeing a consistent increase in use and we are seeing a very worrying effect in terms of bladder spasms and bladder pain,” Professor Nutt told a home Affairs Committee. "There is concern that it is causing permanent bladder damage,” he added.

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