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Wu Tang’s Hardcore Rap Rep :: Skrufff

Reported by Charlie G [] on November 20, 2009

Wu Tang Clan stars DJ Allah Mathematics and Streetlife were arrested on drugs charges last week after cops searched the Wu Tang tour bus, discovering over a hundred ecstasy pills and marijuana.

New York hardcore legend Lenny Dee, who recently engineered three tracks on Wu Tang Clan’s ‘upcoming album ‘Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture Vol. 2: Enter The Dubstep’ was sympathetic.

“Well I can't speak for what happened on the bus. But the police like to target musicians especially ones with famous names so I'm not surprised they were stopped,” Lenny told Skrufff. “The USA is still not at all liberal towards pot in 2009 and people really have to wake up,” he continued.

“The government spends billions of dollars on this 'war on drugs' that they are losing. They put so many people in jail for possession of weed and nothing changes. I think weed should be decriminalized as the propaganda from the 50s is ridiculous. It's about dollars, busting people and controlling wealth.”

Talking about his involvement in engineering the new Wu Tang tracks, he explained he’s yet to meet any of the legendary rap collective, instead working closely with the remixers.

“My studio neighbours were organizing the Wu remix project for the label, and Nebulla, who did the Love Don't Cost A Thing / Still Grimey remix, was into the way I worked with the vocals on some of my other projects so he asked me to have a check and see if I could pump up the vocals for him,” said Lenny.

“Next thing we were rocking his remix in my studio. Soroka & Hellfire Mechina are also my studio neighbours and they loved the 'Still Grimey' remix, so they asked to mix their remixes in my room too.”

“I spent a lot of time just polishing the tracks and making sure the mixes sounded top notch, we spent a lot of time on the vocals and the mixing to really show the possibilities of fusing Hip Hop and Dubstep. I am working on other projects in a similar vein now with Nebulla for his label Code of Arms and think the fusion can go further,’ he predicted.

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