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7 Day Danger of Drinking After Cocaine :: Skrufff

Reported by Charlie G [] on January 11, 2010

Cocaine users who drink alcohol within seven days increase their risk of sudden death by 21 times, according to a campaign launched by Nottingham Crime and Drugs Partnership last week.

Chill Out Sound drug worker Neil Brooks said the danger comes from mixing booze with coke, creating cocaethylene in the body.

“When you take cocaine you are usually in a relaxed, sociable frame of mind but what people don't realise is that cocaethylene is not out of your system within one or two days like cocaine would be – it can hang around for the next week,” he told news portal

"You might be back at work in a stressful situation and your heart will already be under massive strain because of the drug,” he added.

Elton John also chatted candidly about the sixteen ‘lost years’ he used cocaine for, this week, admitting that as well as not wanting anybody's help he used to get ‘very annoyed’ when friends tried to intervene.

"Initially, it was fun, but I am not a man who can just do one of anything. I have got that kind of nature. So I could not do one gram of coke, I had to do six grams and then I would want more,” Sir Elton told Radio 5 presenter Danny Baker.

“It ended up being incredibly depressing,” he recalled.

Meanwhile in the Daily Mail, tabloid columnist Leo McKinstry branded drug users ‘enemies of our society’ this week and applauded China’s decision to execute British citizen Akmal Shaikh after he was caught with 4kg of heroin.

“A country that reveres such junkies as Kate Moss has no right to lecture China on its drugs policy,” McKinstry raged.

“The truth is the willingness to execute dangerous criminals is a sign of compassion. It means a government is determined to protect the vulnerable and maintain morality. There is nothing barbaric about the death penalty. The real barbarism lies in refusing to punish criminals,” he said.

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