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Jori Hulkkonen Tackles Twitter’s ‘Too Much Information’ :: Skrufff

Reported by Charlie G [] on January 14, 2010

Finnish electro-house producer Jori Hulkkonen complained that ‘music has lost it’s meaning’ last week, in a detailed tirade in which he also suggested that Web 2.0 social networking has led many stars to lose their ‘sense of mystery’.

“I've always loved artists who create an image, a stage persona and represent their music through that. Now with Facebook and Twitter, and reality shows like (Pop) Idols you know everything - and more -about these people by the time the first single is out. These people seem like ordinary, gifted, but ordinary people who just make music,” said Jori.

“I'm sorry, but I don't like ordinary people and I don't care about the music they make,” he told ( 

Flamboyant French electro-tech legend Lady B (aka Bruno Gauthier) linked to the article (on Twitter ironically) and broadly agreed with his sentiments.

“I wrote ‘Amen’ before I reTweeted Jori's article because he pointed out exactly what’s happened in recent years in the music industry; ‘music has lost its meaning’ and that’s true not just for music but for everything’.

“Music is no longer an item such as a CD or piece of vinyl any more though the industry continues to sell it as though it’s a physical product. We have to relearn our relationship with music again, which, I think, will become closer to real emotions rather than marketing,” he predicted.

Lady B admitted he’s personally an enthusiastic adopter of social networking though stressed he’s careful about what information he posts.

“Social networking is a great way for me to stay connected with people, particularly when they’re far away and also to have immediate and direct contact and access to people you like,” he pointed out, “But I never post my moods or what I’m doing, those matters are for real life.”

“I’ve had to learn some rules, however,” he continued, “I'm an instinctive person and I tend to trust people too quickly. That means I’ve wasted too much time on a few people who weren’t worth it.”

He also admitted to previously revealing too much ‘two or three times’.

“I made some confessions to badly intentioned people,” he said, “I realised it afterwards, too late.”

The Guardian meanwhile, published a feature on pop stars offering 'added value' packages to sell more CDs singling out Lady Gaga’s recent marketing initiative in which she offered fans a lock of her hair (inside GaGa Super-Deluxe Fame Monster Bundle which retailed for US$114).

Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills told the newspaper such gimmicks are now a ‘necessary evil’ of music business marketing.

"You expect something like this from Lady Gaga, it's funny,” he said, “But it is one thing selling a limited edition box set and another selling your life. Selling everything takes away the magic of pop and rock stars,” he added. (The Guardian: ‘Rammstein recently offered buyers six bright pink dildos, apparently shaped to "correspond with each band member's member size” ,. . . ‘)

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