Bookmark and Share - it’s good to share!

Reported by Jack Bridges TID on January 18, 2010

Being a DJ is all about letting friends and fans know about the best new music and here at that’s always been our ethos.

Underneath every track, top 10 and album there’s always been a row of icons to allow fans to Tweet about releases, add to their Facebook page and even create a unique Myspace sticker to add to any profile.

Now takes spreading the love even further with a function to allow users to share links to over 200 social networks online!

On the top right of every track page we have added an icon called 'Bookmark and Share'. Click on this and a drop down will list every service you can possibly need to tell your friends and fans about the music that’s turning you on. On the drop down are links to create emails to your address book plus icons for every network you can possibly think of to share.

So get involved and make some noise!