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Cops Demand DJ Details For Ministry Cancer Bash :: Skrufff

Reported by Charlie G [] on January 19, 2010

London police have ordered DJs including Danny Rampling, John Kelly and Rocky from X Press 2 to hand over their personal details in order to play at a cancer charity fund-raising event taking place at Ministry Of Sound on January 31st.

The big name DJs are being forced to fill in the Met’s Form 696 for the privilege of playing for free at The DJs vs the Big C party, prompting a furious online reaction from Danny.

“Does anyone know what a Metropolitan police 969 form is, I wish to find out,” he pleaded on a message posted on Facebook, “Can you believe that DJs working at a Cancer charity event on 31st January at the Ministry of Sound are being requested to give personal details to the Met?” he stormed.

“We’re not bloody gangsters or terrorists with weapons. Scandalous.”

Event co-promoter Carla Laidler was equally surprised, telling Skrufff ‘I was only told about the form requirements yesterday’ (January 14).

“I had never actually heard of it before now,” Carla added, “Many DJs I’ve since spoken to have, but I assume some DJs who are always booked through agencies don’t even realise that their details are being handed over to police on their behalf.”

“I've been told that Ministry of Sound have to fill out one of these Met forms for every single event since last year, as do all London clubs now. It’s apparently a bid to prevent club violence - shootings and stabbings,” Carla continued.

“I’ve done a bit of research since yesterday and it seems it stems from the police wanting to either prevent events that are synonymous with violence or to be able to provide a better police presence when required. It seems they research the music type and assess the crowd that particular DJs attract and make risk assessments on that basis. However, I hardly think a daytime charity house music event qualifies as high risk,” she noted.

“Danny Rampling is very uncomfortable with his details being released and I don’t blame him, there is sensitive information including date of birth, address and real name required. I have yet to hear from some of the DJs so there could potentially be more,” she said.

“I've been left in a very precarious position - do I lose my headliner from the bill or hold off sending the data and risk the event being pulled by the police? It’s a very stressful situation, all we want to do is put on a great party and raise money for charity. I guess I'll just have to let you know how it pans out,” said Carla.

DJs vs the Big C takes place at London’s Ministry Of Sound from 2pm to 9pm on Sunday January 31st. Click below for a direct link to purchase tickets and for more information, click on the Facebook page below: (Click here for Ticketweb’s direct link) (Facebook group) (Met Police official information on Form 696: ‘Officers from the Met's Clubs Focus Desk are able to support your event or promotion by risk assessing it. The purpose of this is to enable us to give you appropriate advice to ensure your event is safe. This process is entirely voluntary, except in cases where a local council has made it a condition of your licence . . . download here)

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