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Maniac Miami Club Killer Remains At Large :: Skrufff

Reported by Charlie G [] on January 26, 2010

Miami cops continued to search for the killer of model Paula Sladewski this week, who was last seen alive leaving Miami superclub Space on January 3rd.

The 26 year old former Playboy model left the club alone just after 7am alone, 20 minutes after her boyfriend had been ejected following a violent row between the pair. Her mutilated body was found burning in a dumpster 12 miles away 14 hours later prompting a massive police investigation.

Though police said her boyfriend Kevin Kline was ‘a person of interest’ in the case after details emerged of the couple having a ‘volatile’ two year relationship, they are also focusing on a mystery black male who was caught on camera following Paula out of Space.

'We're still looking to identify a potential suspect,' Miami Police spokesman Lt. Neal Cuevas told reporters a week after she was killed. 'At the very least, we have a deranged sadistic killer out there preying on vulnerable women,” he added (UPI/ )

Speaking to CNN in a subsequent interview, Lt Cuevas was even more specific about the brutality involved that became apparent when they discovered Paula’s incinerated body.

"It was just total, total, disfigurement," Cuevas told CNN. "You couldn't even tell that it was a woman or a man or even what race."

"This was a brutal, horrible, disgusting murder, and this monster or these monsters need to be brought to justice," he vowed. ”It's so horrific. They'd have to be a monster. It's a dastardly act.”

Paula’s brother Thomas Bussell spoke movingly of his sister, countering the innuendos many press reports implied, relating to her past, working as an exotic dancer and Playboy model.

“She trusted everybody; you tell her you loved her, and she believed it,” Mt Bussell told the Today Show on US TV channel NBC.

 “She was very young and naïve and she believed there was a lot of good in this world. I told her time and time again that there’s also evil, and that’s what she’s got to watch out for,” he added. (NBC report:

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