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Lazy Rich talks Big Fish and Electro Beats!

Reported by Mark @ Trackitdown on December 1, 2009

2009 has been an incredible year for this electro house producer and Trackitdown has been right behind him every step of the way! We caught up with him for a quick chat to see what he's been upto and to find out what 2010 has in store for him and his hordes of fans the World over!

Judging by your mammoth release rate and huge string of releases out in 2009 alone, you are anything but lazy! So, where does the 'Lazy' come from in Lazy Rich?!
Before I ever did a remix of 'Lazy' by X-Press 2, I absolutely loved the track, played it every pretty much every single day, and did various mash ups of it with different funky house tracks. Eventually I decided that I was so obsessed with the track that I should call myself 'Lazy Rich', ('Rich' being my real name).
What came first for you, DJing or music production?
DJing, I started spinning CDs back in England while I was at University in Bristol, and got as far as warming up for Deepgroove on occasion, before moving to Vancouver with some friends. I took a break for a couple of years before meeting up with Vancouver artists Hirshee and Jeff Daniels about 3 years ago, who taught me the basics, and since then I've been producing pretty much non-stop.
Who is the one artist who really stands out for you at the moment?

I would say Calvertron right now, it seems that every single track he does is huge, incredibly well produced, and like me I think he seems to be putting out a new track every week. I've also always been a HUGE fan of Miles Dyson, and I'm sure most people can tell how much he has influenced my music, plus I'm really enjoying the stuff Alex Kidd, Pablo Decoder and JELO are putting out right now!
If you could ask Santa for one present, what would it be?
Well I think my neighbours would like me to get soundproofing for my apartment!
What are your plans for NYE, are you rocking a dance floor somewhere?!

I'm going to be playing at the Hed Kandi party in Calgary, Canada. Gonna be a cold one!

You must have been blown away when Skint asked you to remix X-Press 2 'Lazy'?

I'm sorry to say it, but I was the one that asked them! I did the remix as a bootleg actually, just because I loved the track so much. Luckily Skint liked it enough to release it once I sent it to them, and it ended up becoming my biggest track, even landing up on a Ministry of Sound compilation.
Tell us a bit more about your Big Fish imprint, do you have lots more tasty releases lined up for 2010?
I'm absolutely amazed how well the Big Fish label has done this year, it just started off as a way for me to put my own tracks out and has now turned into one of the larger electro house labels. I've been fortunate enough to meet some incredible artists through my touring and remix work, and they are continuing to put out some amazing stuff. Next year I have original releases from Hirshee, Callum B and Roy RosenfelD, plus a ton of new stuff from myself.
Any plans for a label tour?
It would be great, but our artists are from all over the place, Canada, UK, Israel, Australia, Netherlands, Brazil etc. so I think the logistics are a little challenging.

What does 2010 hold for Lazy Rich?
I'm currently working on my debut album to hopefully be released around Easter 2010, which is a huge project for me and will include collaborations with a ton of big name electro artists. I'm also going to be touring a load next year - I've been working with my management to put together  tours in the US, Australia and the UK, with hopefully many more to come.
Your tracks often hit out number 1 spot on Trackitdown, can you give our customers and your fans an insight into a day in the life of Lazy Rich? We presume you sleep in your studio?!
Back when I lived in my last apartment I did! I used to have a full time job too, so would come home from an 8 hour work day and then do another 8 hours of producing. Luckily I've been able to concentrate solely on music this year and now work reasonably normal hours and have a separate studio set up.

Thanks Rich, we look forward to more blistering house beats from you very soon!
Thanks Matt, and thanks everyone for your support!

Check out the 'Best Of Big Fish' exclusive album here :