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Trackitdown Artist Interview - Marco V

Reported by Ben Stroud on May 21, 2009

You have been referred to as a ‘A musical chameleon’ in the past due to the fact that you are a very versatile DJ as far as your sound is concerned. Do you think it is important for up and coming DJ’s to take note of this?

What I believe is that you have to go for what you really like yourself. To many up and coming DJ's look up to the ones who are successful, and play the same kind of music. The only way you can be successful as a DJ or producer is to make what you want and don't care too much about what other people are doing!

Are there any new producers breaking though onto the scene that have really impressed you and that we should be keeping an eye on? 

Roger Martinez, his productions are fantastic and he is a great DJ as well!

Throughout your career you have had numerous club smash hits such as ‘Indicator’, ‘Godd’, and ‘More Than A Life Away’ to name but a few, is there one track from your huge pile that you are particularly proud of?

It's hard to choose one of your own songs but I really like C:del*.mp3 this track was so different than the other stuff what was out at that moment.

Your ‘200V’ and ‘Combi:Nations’ albums were more massive hit of yours, how does ‘Propaganda’ differ to those albums?

Combinations and 200V where also very different. 200V had a lot of vocal tracks and my Propaganda album is more for the dancefloor. I wanted to create an album full with songs that i could play at peaktime in my dj sets, but still nice to listen to in the car or at home.

You are the main man at In:Charge Recordings, a label that is now widely respected all over the World, did you ever imagine the label would hail such a huge success story when you first launched it?

No, you can never know such things on forehand. I am releasing stuff that I like to play in my DJ sets, doesn't really matter what style it is. Every song that is released on IC I have tested on the road.

We read somewhere that you built your own house last year – How did this come about, was it a successful mission and how did you find the time?!

Well I didn't really build it myself but I had the control over the whole project. So every morning before I went to the studio I had to go to the construction workers to tell them how and what - The only thing we build completely ourselfs is my studio in the basement!

OK, you have been given Amnesia in Ibiza for one night and one night only to throw a party, what is your perfect line up starting from 10pm going right through to 7am?

Nice, thank-you : Fatboy Slim, Carl Cox, Sven Vath (like his cocoon nights) Sander van Doorn and me myself and I!

Great, now a few quick-fire questions!

Who is your favourite DJ?

Carl Cox

Who is your favourite producer at the moment?

Ned Shepard

What has been your best gig of 2009 so far?

The Trance Energy tour in Australia, 4 big shows in 4 city's in 4 days that was fantastic!

With club and chart smash records, a top flight record label, gigs in every corner of the Globe and millions of fans, what is next for Marco V??

Propaganda Part 2 - A new album just after the summer.  My studio is in the basement right now so I don't think I will see much of the sun/daylight ;-)

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