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Sied van Riel - A Riel Talent!

Reported by Ben Stroud on January 12, 2009

For Sied van Riel, 2008 was a massive year. In addition to being one of the most in-demand DJs on the Trance circuit, he also won the 'Best New Face' category at the 2008 Trance Awards (Powered by we managed to catch up with Sied to chat about his inspirations, his ambitions for 2009, and his acreer highlights to date! Enjoy...

1) Do you feel that you've achieved what you set out to with this release?

I didn’t have any goals when I made this to be honest. I'm not the type of producer that goes and make tracks to like reach a certain goal. I make the tracks then I’ll take it from there... and so far luck is my side. BUT it is definitely another release that has been picked up big time!!

2) How would you describe the sound of the track?

It’s like... I don’t know. Anthem-ish, raw, simple yet effective feel good kinda thing. 514MTL is something I did playing around. It is something totally different when it comes to the arrangement and usage of sounds.

3) Would you say your musical policies as a DJ are accurately reflected in your production?

No not always...I still have to show the people the riel thing if you ask me... I play a wide variety of sounds when i do a long set. I’m not the type that only plays uplifting or tech trance or progressive/ house... I love it all. I love to build up starting off with some deeper/slower tracks building it up with peaks to proper bangin’ shiznit as I do in my radio show. I’m working on my album and THAT will reflect my thing 100% as a DJ and producer.

4) Has there been a definitive career highlight for you so far?

Winning the 'Best New Face Of 2008' award at the trance awards in November was one of the coolest things to happen to me. Basically all releases the past year have done riely riely well! That’s an achievement for me personally I think.

5) Can we expect an artist album to be released in the coming years?

I’m actually working on that now. I think it will be released in the second half of 2009... Probably September/October. Excited!

6) What do you feel about the trance scene at the moment in terms of the quality of musical output?

I’ve been getting a lot of tracks lately and some just lack quality... you get them un-mastered or it just sounds like a dog in heat. On the other hand you also have a lot of new guys out there who are doing a massive job at it... And of course the usual suspects who are still pushing out great stuff.

7) How packed is your DJ schedule looking? Where are you off to?

The gig agenda is filling up quickly which is massive of course! All I want is to play man... When I get home after travelling I ’m glad I am home but after 1 day I ’m like 'Okay when’s the next one'... I hate it when I have a gap of 1 or 2 weeks... it means I can do proper studio time but it also means I have to wait to play again ha ha... Can’t have it all!

8) Are there any upcoming shows that you're particularly looking forward to?

I’m doing a Trance Energy tour in Australia in April. That will be off the hook for Riel !! I can’t wait to rock it over there. Also entrance in Poland is coming up, couple of gigs in the UK and Northern Ireland, Finland. Hell... I ’m excited for every gig. Lots more to be announced soon by the way.

9) Preferred method of mixing: Vinyl, CD's, Ableton, Tractor?

Well I shall always have a weak spot for Vinyl. As I learned it on the sl1200 /sl1210’s, but now I only use CDJ’s. Laptop mixing or whatever ain't my thing.

10) All-time Favourite Club to perform in?

Hmm good one... I shall say... Yet to discover... Every gig can top the previous ones... And to be honest I have yet to discover a lot since I ’m just getting started.

11) Favourite Producer of the moment?

Audible, Ilya Soloviev & Poshout, Van Doorn as always and Carlo Calabro does some good stuff ATM as well, plus Thomas Hornblad!! I love the remix he did for ‘Just For You’.  Arnej showed me some new stuff.... He is bangin’ on all cylinders!!

12) Secret weapon in your record box?

A bottle of Vodka and my headphones?  Without them I’d be useless!  Ha ha only joking... I have no secret weapons I think..... If you do your job right as a DJ the whole set should kick ass. I always observe and I am really picky when it comes to track selection whilst playing. I never make a playlist upfront... I go in a bit earlier to feel the vibe then I know what I’m going to start off with and take it from there. Of course there are always tracks that I want to play out for sure, but when in the set is always a big question.

13) What's your worst experience behind the decks?

I haven’t had any to be honest. I did have a funny thing when I was playing at a gig... Suddenly MTV came into the booth and did an interview with me whilst playing hah... That was funny... I was like hang on, be right back, yeah back again... Hang on... Be right back again... We laughed quite hard but it turned out to be a cool interview ha ha. Just the way I like them to be...  natural and a bit of fun!

14) Where can we find more info about you?
Facebook / search / sied van riel / add / be happy and keep it riel!!

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