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Yousef - The Circus Ringmaster Talks To Trackitdown!

Reported by Ben Stroud on December 22, 2008

Liverpool-based Yousef is the brains behind one of the biggest club nights nights in the country, Circus in Liverpool, and has recently released his latest track, a stunning slice of progressive house entitiled 'Death Delay'. Trackitdown managed to catch up with the man himself to answer a few questions about his year, and what he's got up his sleeve for 2009...

1) Do you feel that you've achieved what you set out to with this release

The idea was to work around the concept of using a delay to create a track. It began with that idea, and then moved in to a more musical but main room direction.

2) How would you describe the sound of the track? 

Melodic, techy house, with some sparkling moments and a nasty ass techno dub.

3) Would you say your musical policies as a DJ are accurately reflected in your production?

Yes and no… most of the club records I make are played in my sets. But this year I’ve got some non house, Massive Attack/UNKLE style music which I won’t play out.

4) Has there been a definitive career highlight for you so far?

For me, seeing the world is the real highlight of djing worldwide.

5) Can we expect an artist album to be released in the coming years?

Yes 100%. I’ve already got something up my sleeve!

6) What do you feel about the house scene at the moment in terms of
the quality of musical output?

There is a lot to get through for sure, and finding hidden gems can be harder, but the overall quality finish is easier to achieve. So the quality (even though a lot is not to my taste) is good.

7) how packed is your DJ schedule looking? Where are you off to?

I can’t complain… I’m taking time off to work on other musical projects in 2009.

8) Are there any upcoming shows that you're particularly looking
forward to?

My circus events in Liverpool are ALWAYS excellent! Dec 26th see's myself, Luciano, Paul Woolford, Shlomi Aber and Switch. Jan 23rd see's myself, Garnier, Tiefschwarz, Tim Green, Fatboy Slim and more!

9) Preferred method of mixing: Vinyl, CD's, Abbleton, Tractor?

CD's for now, Tractor in 2009 onwards.

10) All-time Favourite Club to perform in?

Space Ibiza - LOVE IT!

11) Favourite Producer of the moment?
Steve Lawler, the bugger has been nailing it!

12) Secret weapon in your record box?

Andy Chatterley’s union of numbers tracks - he's excellent. Plus loads of my own edits and most things by Tim Green.

13) What's your worst experience behind the decks?

The records blowing off the decks in 2001 during the air field days in Sydney, and in front of 15000 people! Somehow that was my fault..?!

14) Where can we find more info about Yousef ? (check out the forum, it’s ridiculous, one of the best in Europe!)

'Death Delay' is out now on Circus Recordings - download it here:

Download Yousef's December Trackitdown Top 10 here:

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