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Chase & Status - More Than Alot Of Class!

Reported by Ben Stroud on October 13, 2008

Chase & Status (AKA Saul Milton & Will Kennard), are currently one of the hottest production duos around on the Drum & Bass scene, and maybe even the world. Their latest album, 'More Than Alot' is out now on Ram Records, and here at Trackitdown we were lucky enough to ba able to catch up with the boys for a quick chat about the making of what looks set to be one of the albums of the year, and how they are planning to take their show on the road...

You became one of the scene’s hottest team in a very short time, why do you think people took so fast and big to your music?

We'd like to think that our muisc appeals to a lot of people from all sorts of genre's and hopefully fans of good music. We've been working hard for a few years and felt that the time was right to release our debut album. Hopefully we've captured the vibe of what's going on right now musically.

How did you hook up with Ram Records?

We'd been sending Andy tunes since we started producing and he'd been supporting us from our early releases. We received a phone call from Andy a couple years ago asking us to come down to the office for a meeting; initially we thought it was a wind up from a pal - hung up the phone and thought nothing of it. Moment's later Andy called back and we realised it wasn't a wind up! Signing with Ram was a great accolade for us and we've never looked back.

Why 'More Than A Lot'?

The album, the making of the album and everything associated with it really has been More Than Alot - we're aware it's grammatically incorrect but there's no better way to describe it.

How did the LP come to shape?

The LP has been a work in progress over the last two years and has changed its course from the intial premise. To start with we intended to bring in UK vocalists and take them out of their comfort zones and do something completely different with them. On paper it was great but that didn't happen and instead, when we worked with artist's such as Kano, we wrote something we were all vibing on rather than trying to be different for the sake of it. Lots of tracks have been shelved or totally scrapped as our tastes have changed or the scene has moved forward etc, it can be difficult scrapping tunes that you've worked on for a while but it's usually for the best. The LP covers various genres: drum and bass of course, but also hip hop and dubstep, how does this all link? I think in all of our music you can hear our influences - we've released early dubstep in 2003 (our first releases were at 138bpm on Bingo & Vehicle) & we've had big hip hop samples in our tunes before etc. The LP covers what we're into right now and our take on where the UK music scene is at this present time. We think that right now the UK has the best music in the world and our dance music has always been cutting edge and exciting.

Do you see yourself more like artists or producers?

At the moment we're sharing both titles pretty evenly, as well as producing music for ourselves and pushing the Chase & Status brand we really enjoy producing for other artist's and see ourselves doing a lot of that as well.

Have you got any plans to go live, and if so, how?

We definitely intend to go live & we want it to be a natural progression most probably down the route of Basment Jax & Chemical Brothers with guest apperances, visuals and lights etc. At the moment, we're incorporating as many of the vocalists from the album into our live shows as we can; to make it more of a show with PA's of the tunes and special edits etc. Pendulum have really set the standard for any form of live act and the results are evident. Hopefully in a couple years time our live element will be as polished as that.

What's next?

As well as mixing out non stop promoting the album we're back in the studio working with artists on their projects and even getting ideas down for our second album. We've also got some remix plans as well as collaboarting with a few people on some exciting projects.

'More Than Alot' is out now on Ram Records, download it now:

Download an exlcusive Chase & Status Top Ten here: