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Sebastien Leger - 'My Music Is Based On Mistakes!'

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on January 3, 2008

House's coolest new superstar Sebastien Leger has slowly been making a name for himself over the past few years with a slew of great productions under his belt and remixes for the likes of Kylie, Duran Duran and Justin Timberlake. We caught up with Sebastien to get the lowdown on his awesome new artist album 'Planets' (see below to download).

You have one of the scene’s largest discographies going, ranging from making house & techno to now producing some of the coolest electro house around. What has been your favourite style of music to make in the last eight years and why?

I don’t have a favourite one, but I have my roots which are funk music and techno. So when you love those 2 styles, you can expect anything in between which, for me, includes house, deep house, funky house, funky techno etc. I’m not a big fan of very straight music. I definitely prefer hearing something that makes people groove their ass rather than jump, scream and “pogoing”. I am not a very big fan of the big electro house sound and rock-house stuff.

You’re heading up the Mistakes Music imprint. Why have you decided to name your label ‘Mistakes’?

My music is based on mistakes. I love random things that make the difference. If I start to think too much, I don’t get very good results, so I just follow my instinct and hope for the best!

The tracks on your latest album ‘Planets’ are named after all of the planets in our solar system. What was your inspiration for doing this?

It was an easy way for me to name tracks. I’ve made something like 300 or 400 track in my life (not all out of course) and its pretty difficult to find names now! So I started first with Neptune 2 years ago, then Pluton & Saturn came along and the next thing I knew I had a full collection of tracks. Some tracks did have some meaning, for example ‘Sun’ is a warm epic track while ‘Earth’ is kinda natural funky vibe etc…

You’ve remixed for many artists in the past including Kylie, Justin Timberlake & Duran Duran. If you could choose any artist or any track to remix, which would you most ideally like to work with?

I would love to work with Daft Punk, Chemical Bros, Laurent Garnier or for non-dance, Lenny Kravitz and Jamiroquai.

You played this year in Ibiza and headlined events for Azuli at Space and Cream at Amnesia. What do you enjoy most about the Ibiza season, and if you could play at any party on the island and at any time, which would you choose?

It was my first time on the island! I didn’t get to see much of it honestly. I also played at ‘We Love Sunday’ at Space and loved it. The Space terrace is one of the coolest place to play in this world really. Its has something very special.

Finally, you’re given one million pounds and the choice of any venue in the world and any act you like to put on a party. Who would you book, and where would you host the event?

I would book the Daft Punk live show with the Pyramide at night cos it looks amazing. I’ll book myself for the day time then I’d book Eric Prydz for an epic set and would like to finish off with a marathon set from Laurent Garnier. It should be in a warm and nice beach, empty of any commercial things, only coconut trees and party people who LOVE the music more than they love drugs…