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From chart trance classics to uber-cool electro house - TID talks to Tomcraft!

Reported by Jess @ Trackitdown on December 18, 2006

Tomcraft (real name Thomas Brückner) is a German DJ and producer. He is specialized in progressive house and progressive trance and is better known for having created the tracks "Loneliness" and "Prosac", working alongside Eniac.

Tomcraft began working as a DJ in Munich in 1994, shifting between techno and the emerging progressive trance style. The following year, he released his first track, "This Is No House". He first met in Eniac in 1996, and the two immediately started producing music together, beginning with "Viva". The same year yielded the track "Prosac", but this did not achieve success until it was re-released in 2001.

2002 was also the year Tomcraft released "Loneliness", a progressive vocal track that eventually reached #1 in the UK! To celebrate the launch of his latest track with Jimmy Pop 'Broadsword Calling Danny Boy' we caught up with the man of the moment for a quick interview!

TID: I’ve heard that you begun DJing when you were only 13 years old. What genre and style of music did you first mix and play about with?

Tomcraft: I played the good old 80`s sound. from pop to hip hop, classic rock and the beginnings of dance music in the 80`s.

TID: At 17 you begun writing music. What kind of studio set up did you have back then?

Tomcraft: Computer (amiga) with cubase, small mixer, 2 keyboards and dr. rythm550
from roland.

TID: What do you find to be the one piece of equipment you couldn’t live without as a producer?

Tomcraft: My laptop - always with me

TID: I cant let the interview pass without talking about what some may call your biggest anthem 'Loneliness'. It was huge in clubs, then it was massive in the charts in Germany, the UK and pretty much most of Europe. Can you remember the first time you played this out and the reactions it received?

Tomcraft: It was the best place, I could find out. I played it at the loveparade 2001. The reactions were fantastic, I enjoyed it very much

TID: Did you predict it becoming such a huge tune across the world?

Tomcraft: We knew that "loneliness" was a very good track. But I never expected this big success.

TID: ‘SureShot’ has been another massive release for you. It saw your music take a slightly tougher turn. Was this a conscious move or have your styles and interests just shifted?

Tomcraft: I try to express my style in different kind of music :-)

TID: Do you think it’s important for producers to try new styles out?

Tomcraft: If not, there is no development in the music. Mixing different styles or just be influenced by different music, is what makes music great!

TID: The electro and tech house scene has completely exploded in the last few years and many releases are frequently getting in the national charts across the world. How have you seen the scene change since you first got involved?

Tomcraft: For me, my first love was and always is electro. I think it is good to see all these young producers coming up and produce great new stuff. Back in the days electro was underground and now became popular which is good for me as artist and dj. But to be honest, I am tired of talking about the scene change. There are always new people, styles and music coming up since ages.. Some stay and some don’t, quality will always enforce.

TID: In 2003 you won 3 awards at the German Dance Awards for BEST ALBUM, BEST RADIO HIT and BEST DANCE TRACK. Were you surprised to walk away with three awards in one night?

Tomcraft: It was a very long night. I felt like drunk, when I heard my name the third time. after we won the second award, we went from stage. The stage manager told us to stay, because we should win the next award too. It was a really strange situation. Then the night was just partying. Hard, because it was 1 day before loveparade and the weekend was even worse!

TID: What has been your career highlight so far?

Tomcraft: My set at the loveparade 2003. I played for 1.200.000 people at the main monument on the main stage.

TID: You have remixed tracks for some of the worlds biggest artists. Is there anyone whose tracks you particularly enjoyed remixing and working on?

Tomcraft: Dave Gahan "bottle living". I’m a huge ‘depeche mode’ fan, that’s why it was great to work with his vocals!

TID: Your latest release sees you team up with Jimmy Pop from the infamously badly behaved Bloodhound Gang. How was that? We love the track!

Tomcraft: Thank you! Last year we did a tomcraft remix for "uhn tiss uhn tiss" for the bloodhound gang. We stayed in contact and finally met in Munich before a bhg show. We talked about a cooperation between Tomcraft and Jimmy Pop. 3 weeks later I sent him some new tracks. He decided to take one of them and I got his vocals back.We had a great time in the studio, working on this track. Jimmy and I have a very good relationship now and hopefully there will be coming more.

TID: also loves your release on Craft Work ‘Katowice’! Its quite a dark and moody track. What was the inspiration behind this release and how long did it take you to write?

Tomcraft: I had a gig in Poland. I was in my hotel room in Katowice with my laptop and played some basslines. 2 hours later, I had a first cool version of "katowice". I played and tested it in the club. The reactions were really good. Back in Munich I finished the track together with my partner Luetzenkirchen in our studio and we named it after the place where the first idea was created

TID: Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us!