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Interview With Astrix (Astrix & Friends 002 Preview)

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on October 3, 2006


The name 'Astrix', of course, means a great detail to all psy-trance fans. Charming melodies, driving sound and a 145bpm tempo is his technique to control a wild crowd screaming for music. Avi Shmailov is Astrix, HOMmega record’s chief artist. Eyal label manager says, ‘Astrix is taking psytrance to the highest level of mainstream influence with crystal clear production. His music is the ultimate crossover between psytrance and club’.

Astrix is going to demonstrate some of the tracks he has been working on and remixed with other artists such as Sub6 & Domestic in London, on the Saturday 14th October at the Coronet. I couldn’t miss the opportunity to ask this ‘shy stranger’ some most wanted question.

What entries have you received from the public for the title of your forthcoming album?

All I can say for now is that we’ve got over a 1000 names and we are still debating over the best name for the album. Not an easy task as there are some very interesting ideas by the fans.

I never see you jump around on stage or overact like other Dj’s or Live acts. What more important stage performance or music performance?

I think both performances have their "action and reaction" effects on the crowd.

I guess I am more into the music than the show but I can tell you that I do get "into it" sometimes, when the energy of the crowd and the event is so high that it is impossible to ignore.
What's in store for your next album?

My third album will be out towards the end of the year and I am doing my best to make it my best one so far. Production standards are very high and I always keep the listener in mind.

What makes Astrix sound stand out from the others?

I think most of my efforts are to keep the true vibe of Goa Trance music (because that's the style that made me fall in love with this music) but on the other hand I try to write music which is fresh and futuristic by using cross-over elements so that people don’t get bored after listening to it a few times and hence fits several electronic dance scenes.
What's your favourite track on the album compilation so far?

The first track I wrote for the new album is called "Take A Shot" and it's a very special track as its less melodic and more for now, that's the one.
Who are your top five music producers?

1. Linkin Park
2. Infected Mushroom
3. Shanti
4. Enigma
5. Chemical Brothers

In UK all your gigs seem to be with Antiworld. Why?

Antiworld is one of the most outstanding groups I’ve had the chance to work with. High quality events, perfect line-up's, great crowd, amazing decor and light/laser shows. And not to mention the promotional booklets which the whole world is talking about. What can I say...I love it!!! 
Finally which is the most 'Exotic' location you've played at?

The Jungles of Mexico...surrounded by the pyramids, coconut trees and many animals...just perfect!

Astrix will be playing in London on Saturday 14th October at the Coronet, as part of the Astrix & Friends 002 event. Also featuring Dali, Chakra, Pixel + many more!

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