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Getting to know George Acosta - A Five AM hero

Reported by Jess @ Trackitdown on February 17, 2006

George Acosta has become a Trance hero for many. He has 9 successful compilations to his name a dozens of hot releases. He has recently teamed up with Trance champions Five AM under the strong management of Alexis Hooper.

Jess of the Trackitdown team went to brush up on her trance knowledge ahead of the launch of the UK Trance awards ( and got to know the musical maestro of the moment; George Acosta.

Jess: When did you get interested in Trance and was trance the first dance music genre to grab your attention?

George: The first genre that grabs my attention was house music, I was signed to strictly Rhythm and produced a few so called big records. Now, Trance grabs my attention and I started attending big rave parties all over the world due to a successful song I did back in days.

Jess: Do you play any instruments?

George: Yes, I play the keyboards.

Jess: You DJ as well. Do you play out with only Vinyl or do you use digital and cd as well?

George: I go 50/50 when it comes to Djing.

Jess: You’ve played at some awesome clubs and venues across the globe. What events stick out in your mind as the most spectacular?

George: Club Glow in DC which is one of my residencies that I do every other month for over 6 years among others of course.

Jess: Can you give us a definition of your own style of Trance production?

George: A progressive one now with a twist of house, I mean I just want to play and make music that people will take in well.

Jess: What’s your record bag like…without counting contents?

George: My record bag is new and in fair condition.

Jess: Who are your musical idols?

George: Oh God, Well I have to say U2 & Depeche Mode.

Jess: Have you done many collaborations with people?

George: Yes in the past and in the process to do something with Five Am artists as per my conversations with Alexis (Five AM label manager).

Jess: What is the dance music scene like in the US?

George: Well as for me I can’t complain I have always been able to grow with it. Now, for other I am not really sure but if you don’t have a record it can be hard.

Jess: Do you visit many clubs in your spare time or do you prefer to get away from the dance scene when you have time off?

George: I have not visited clubs in a long time but in my spare time I stay home working on music productions.

Jess: Your biography says you like to stay close to the fans. How do you manage to do this?

George: As for staying close to fans I try to keep my productions, mix albums and anything that has to do with dance on the cutting edge, as well when go on shows like to be there an hour before and stay when I close the show speaking with them. However I do have a website where I can speak with them and now Five Am records will launch their site and have invited me to take part of it.

Jess: You’ve mixed some huge trance compilations. Tell us a bit more about them and how you made the final decision on track listing?

George: Well I have done over 9 and they have all been really successful. I am currently working on a new one which I have done a new deal with another record label in the US and will have details about it in my website soon.

Jess: You’ve been quoted as saying “Travelling to different places and countries every week, playing for so many people--it makes me want to play more intimate stuff”. Do you think you’ll ever decide to run your own venue?

George: Currently My partner & I are in the middle of putting together a business plan to open our own lounge/intimate venue were we can do our thing.

Jess: What are your career plans for 2006?

George: Well I am going to give you details as to what 2006 will bring for George Acosta and artists of my new Label Mint Musik Group.

George Acosta Projects

Looking to break into European Dance Market as well as my records will break into the charts.
Will deliver for the first time since 1996 my first original artists album

Currently producing 2 artists which one is called Truth and she will be a Major Star.

Second artists will be Hazen which is still under raps and that is with a make vocalist.

To confirm a compilation deal with a Major in Europe.


Final Thoughts from George Acosta:

I like to thank the Five Am Records staff for taking on the challenge and doing such an amazing job with this record. We are already in talks for the follow up so stray tune it’s only the first sight.

With best wishes,

George Acosta.