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Knowwhere and Trackitdown party info plus quick fire with Adam White and Anthony Dean!

Reported by Jess @ Trackitdown on January 26, 2006

Knowwhere and Trackitdown join forces on Friday 3rd Feb!

The February line up continues the quality you’ve come to expect from us down at HEAVEN. There have been a couple of changes to the line-up originally billed on the flyer, as follows. Sadly due to a booking mix-up, Scott Bond will not be able to join us as originally planned, but has been replaced by Knowwhere favourite, the legendary AJ Gibson! Massive thanks to AJ for stepping into the breach at short notice for us, we’re very pleased to have him joining us for our final monthly party, as he’s been so popular with our crowds in the past. As advertised, AJ is joined by one of Knowwhere’s favourites, Ian Betts! We also welcome along the return of K90 to Knowwhere! Our favourite B2B team, Adam & The Ant (Adam White/Anthony Dean) are up next, and opener for us on the night is Planet Angel regular Jurrane! Closing the Trance room for the final night is of course resident Anthony Dean, joined by Knowwhere founding father Pablo.

In the Hard Dance Room, we’ve joined forces with  to put together an incredible line up for you of some of the best stars of the scene from the last few years. First up, Billy Daniel Bunter returns to the decks for us. Billy’s appearance for us back in October was so good that we just had to get him back, and we are very proud to be welcoming him to the Knowwhere closing party!

Joining Billy, we welcome Phil Reynolds to his first appearance for Knowwhere. Another of Hard Dance’s favourite names, Spencer Freeland is also making his Knowwhere debut on the night. Riot favourite Ed Real returns to the Hard Dance room, alongside one of London’s favourites, Olly Perris! Finally for the Hard Dance room we are joined by one of southern England’s finest, Spikes.

For the fans of Funky, this time around our residents Funk-a-Tronic are joined by Funky Little Ant, as a certain Knowwhere resident performs his third set of the night under his funky guise. Finally the boys are joined by Little Miss Nads, originally billed as playing solo, she will be B2B with our own Lizzie Curious!

Quick Fire Questions with Adam White!

TID: Tell us one thing you have learnt about Anthony through working with him?

Adam: I can trust him 100%

TID: What one aspect of your life makes you the happiest?

Adam: My girlfriend Emma

TID: What is your favorite piece of equipment in the Studio?

Adam: My Mackie monitors

TID: What has Knowwhere the event taught you about the dance music industry that you didn't know before? 

Adam: It hasn’t really taught me anything that I didn’t already know as such, just restored my faith that there are some genuine people left in this industry.

Also, back in 2004 Knowwhere was the first ever dance floor in the world to have it to ‘The White Room’.

TID: What artist at the moment is really blowing you away and will you be dropping any of their releases at Knowwhere?

Adam: Some bloke called Adam White and YES, my new single ‘Sweet Suggestion’ will get its first play at Knowwhere on Feb 3rd. 

Quick Fire Questions with Anthony Dean!

TID: Tell us one thing you have learnt about Adam through working with him?

Anthony: He can't go anywhere without his hair straighter (SORRY ADAM)

TID: Which Track do you think you heard played out most in 2005?

Anthony: Matt Darey Liberation

TID: What are your new years resolutions?

Anthony: To have more fun than last year

TID: How did Knowwhere as an event come about?

Anthony: Well....the idea of Knowwhere came about from the phenomenal crack-ons that used to happen regularly in Pablo's living room! They were known as the "uber" parties, and they truly did live up to their name!  The icing on the cake was Millennium New Years Eve, when Pabs held the party to end all parties.  We quite literally turned his house into a nightclub. with podiums, a DJ box, name it, it was there.  150 people turned up and we partied hard for 2 days!  It was at this point that Pablo's wife said enough's enough, so we had to find another venue.  A few brainstorming sessions later, and Knowwhere was born, as we took our party to a club!

TID: What three tracks are definitely going to be in your record bag for this coming Knowwhere?

Anthony: Vincent de Moor pres. Flashbang: 'Grooveslide', In A Trance icone mix and of course Agnelli and Nelson Everyday.