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The almighty X-Press 2 chat to Trackitdown about life, production and live shows!

Reported by Jess @ Trackitdown on December 13, 2005

X-Press 2 have been in this industry for 15 years now. If you need any kind of nudge as to who they are I need only sing you (*achem) the lyrics ‘Ooh Im wicked and Im lazzzzzyyyyyyy…’! This track not only blew the dance world away but also commercial charts around the globe.

This trio of musical wiz kids have experimented with blips, vocals and beats and created a flurry of hit releases. Their debut album Musikism has left a lasting impression on the dance music world and even introduced older generations, fans of David Byrne from Talking Heads, to dance beats. Both my mother and I still have this album as in our top 10 of all time!

The music they make doesn’t fit into a box, it is what it is and it doesn’t care what you think. When I first heard Lazy it really challenged my grasp of what dance tracks were. What was this track with this funky dance beat and sleazy laid back vocals? X-press 2 had me hooked and it was a thrill to find out I was to interview them!

DISCLAIMER: The world is not really about to end!


Jess: How did the three of you meet?

X-Press 2: In clubs and record shops….

Jess: You’ve been playing out together and writing since around 1993. Do you ever get sick of each other? Are there many arguments?

X-Press 2: Of course!! we spend more time together than we do with our families!!

Jess: Your first big release ‘Musik X-Press’ exploded onto the scene and took the world by storm. Did you know you had such a huge hit on your hands?

X-Press 2: Not initially, when Tongy and Junior Vasquez started playing it and the momentum started we had an inkling!

Jess: Since your first release you have gone on to have a stream of hit singles and an immensely respected and awarded album ‘ Muzikizum’. Where did the drive and inspiration behind Muzikizum come from?

X-Press 2: Simply from Djing and enjoying what we do….

Jess: Probably your most talked about single release was Lazy which featured the sleazy laid back vocals of the legendary David Byrne of Talking Heads. How did this partnership come about?

X-Press 2: Well, we had always been fans, he was into the Ballistics stuff we did and had approached us back then…Our engineer commented on the fact that the track sounded a little like Talking Heads…Our manager called his and it was all systems go!

Jess: The world has been eagerly awaiting the new album. What do you have in store for us?

X-Press 2: Its very different from Muzikizum but is a natural progression from “lazy” it’s an album rather than a collection of dance tracks…great songs…

Jess: Will there be any interesting collaborations coming up in the future?

X-Press 2: Plenty, Kurt Wagner, Tim from Polyponic Spree, John, Nick and George from Kissing The Pink and very excitingly Bernard Fowler from the Peech Boys. All people who we admire and are really into musically its been great fun and hard work at the same time !

Jess: With the input of three eager minds, is it difficult to reach an agreement on which tracks to put on the new album?

X-Press 2: Yes!

Jess: You’ve toured the world playing at some world famous events. Which experiences have stood out for you?

X-Press 2: Good and bad. Acapulco two days travel followed by a hurricane and no show was joyful. Then Ibiza last year every show was amazing Made In Italy at Amnesia was incredible. Italy, Fever is brilliant in Pietrasanta and Guendalina… Moscow is wicked…Eastern Europe generally… Bestival this year was amazing and Japan every time!! We did Fuji Rock which was great, Air in Tokyo is always a winner and of course our own night MUZIK XPRESS at the Cross in London just goes from strength to strength.

Jess: You’re live performances are said to be incredible as you juggle beats across 6 decks and use mics and effects to jam out your tunes. How do you go about putting together a performance or are they usually unplanned?

X-Press 2: Always unplanned and ad hoc!!

Jess: Which artists have made a real impression on you over the last 5 years?

X-Press 2: Lots! Lambchop, Booker Shade, Alex Under, Nathan Fake, Adam Beyer, Dominic Eulberg, John Dahlback, Loco Dice…Exciting times musically right now.

Jess: You’ve already proved that you are in this industry for the long stay. Where do you see the future of X-Press 2 going?

X-Press 2: We don’t really think like that. We do what we do and see what happens. Anyway the world is going to end and we are all doomed!!!

Jess: Ohh errr! Thanks guys!