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Reported by Jack Bridges TID on March 10, 2010

Walking it how they talk it, Noisia are larger than life just like their beats. Since they came and destroyed the 3rd Birthday party some four years ago, we’ve been in awe of the unholy trinity of DJ producers from Holland and now it’s time for the gloves to come off.

2009 saw them go head to head with Liam Howlett of the The Prodigy on a beats and bass death match when they remixed Omen and an incredible grime collaborations with Foreign Beggars MC crew alongside techstep anthems on their own Vision Recordings, Goldie’s Metalheadz and Andy C’s Ram Records. Lucky there’s three of them to keep this momentum going!

So come 2010 the only way is up for Noisia and gritty bass heavy fans are celebrating the release of the awesome Machine Gun single and forthcoming artist album Split The Atom. With sounds that spit fire from the speakers we caught up with the guys in their Dutch studio to find out just how grimy then can go…
There are three of you in the Noisia team, how do you split the tasks of producing and DJing between you all?
As far as DJing goes, its pretty simple. Martijn and Thijs DJ for Noisia and Nik does not. When it comes to production all three of us try to have similar and if possible,  equal input, even though sometimes someone will write a track by himself, or someone will not touch a track at all.
We love your work with the Foreign Beggers and of course KRS One has previously featured on your stunning productions. Have you got any vocal talents lined up for the future and whom would you love to work with if you had the chance?
At the moment we're sort of rebooting. We've just finished a complete overhaul of the studio and are looking at a fresh start. We do however aim to using a bit more vocals in our tunes to keep it interesting for ourselves and others, but we're still looking to find a new voice/sound apart from the people we have already worked with of course.
You sound is incredibly technical so you must have some awesome equipment in the studio? Can you tell our up & coming producers what your favourite bits of kit are and how the studio is set up please?
We work on a PC running Steinberg's Cubase 5. We use Adam S3A and P22a monitor speakers and at the time of writing we're switching from a MOTU ultralight to a RME Multiface soundcard.
Apart from that we have a few synths set up amongst which an Acces Virus TI, a Korg M50 and a Korg SV1. Our favorite peace of studio equipment is the Xbox 360 with the 42 inch screen though ;)
You’ve created such a distinctive sound and have been hailed as the masters of the precision break. How long does the average track take you to complete and how much time do you spend agonising over complicated edits and production tricks?
There doesn't seem to be an average time for us, since writing some of our favorite Noisia tunes has taken us anywhere between one day and six months. Production tricks can take a lot of time, especially when there's no specific direction for the track. But as soon as the general idea is there, the edits usually don't take a lot of time and tend to be one of the most enjoyable parts of the writing process.
Over the last few years you’ve released on a host of different labels like Ram, Metalheadz, Quarantine, Shogun and Skint. Will this continue or are you going to focus on Vision and your new label Invisible?
We will probably still ocasionally release tunes on other labels, but focus mainly on our own imprints. The reason we set those labels up is to have full creative control and our own release schedule. It is hard though to start your career releasing on your own label, so we were lucky enough to be picked up by labels such as the ones mentioned.
You’re probably the only act to have won awards at both Drum & Bass Awards and Breakspoll (held to celebrate the breaks scene). Ever felt tempted to roll out other styles of dance music and clean up there too? What are your opinions on Dubstep?
We try to make music that we like and do as little pigeonholing as possible. We never intented to break through in any genre and we will keep writing at various bpms, with various drum patterns etc. and if we so happen to write a tune that blows up in a certain area of (dance) music, than so be it and we'll be happy for it to be that way.
Following on from the previous question, what can people expect from the new album in terms of styles and musical direction?
Split The Atom, as the album is called, will feature a range of genres including electro, breaks, downtempo and of course drum and bass. We tried to show what we're doing while we're in the studio and as a result there are quite a few short tracks that ended up seeing the light of day, because we thought they were finished just the way they are and don't neccessarily need to be structured into a full on tune.
Will you be taking Noisia on the road with a live show to support the forthcoming album? What highlights are coming up in the performance calender?
We have been thinking about doing a live tour for this album, but we thought the music didn't ask for it to be played live, since it is too technical and structured in a way that you might aswell just press play. However, we are intending to take this option into account whilst writing music in the future.
On top of creating what is one of the most anticipated albums in Drum & Bass you also found the time to produce the recent Hadouken album. Are you lending your production and engineering skills to anyone else at the moment? Or simply concentrating on Noisia for the time being?
At the moment we just want Noisia to be our own project and our main focus. Whenever we're using the name Noisia the project will either be our own or a collaboration.
Apart from that we are and will be doing production work for others and we will be using our old house/breaks alias Hustle Athletics to do so.
Finally! Your volume on the Fabric compilation series has to be one of the biggest they’ve released. Any plans to wow us with another compilation?
Yes! A compilation of our favorite own music right now! It is called Split The Atom.. ;)