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The Krah designs exclusive clothing range for - check it out!

Reported by Ed Real on March 11, 2010

The Krah is our master! Graffiti artist The Krah creates clothes from the street

Self styled decrepit yet talented young man who has wasted most of his youth scribbling on everything and anything using any medium he could get his hands on, The Krah is one of the fastest rising talents in the exciting world of street art.

Brought up in the Mediterranean chaos of Europe’s most ancient city, The Krah was always fascinated by the urban disorder of his hometown of Athens, Greece (where the priests are the richest men and the sunstroke makes the nation think that democracy still exists). As vandalism was the most fun thing to do, he started painting the streets and the subway trains of Athens in 1997 and since then his graffiti and street-art has exploded to cover streets all over Europe and cities such as Tokyo and Bangkok.

Now living in East London UK, The Krah has lit up galleries and exhibitions of the art world such as; Banksy’s Cans Festival in London, Brooklynite in New York, ATM Gallery in Berlin, Art Basel at Miami Beach, both of the Mutate Britain shows, Black Rat Press, the Pure Evil Gallery and Art-Republic in London. Showing solo or with fellow street artists such as: Os Gêmeos, D-face, Sickboy, Swoon, Elbowtoe, Mode2, and Pure Evil, The Krah is as highly respected on the street as he is in the gallery.

This demand has lead to the creation of an exclusive range of clothing designed by the man himself and produced for sale by cult online music and merchandise store The store boasts a customer base of 250,000 electronic music fanatics who visit from around the dance planet to legally download and spin the ultimate collection of tunes available on the web so this link between The Krah and represents the sound and style of the street. Just like street art, these pieces are limited so grab them before they get painted over!

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