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Kutski Interview - talking scratching, Storm 10th Birthday and Now! albums...

Reported by Ed Real on March 31, 2010

Kutski speaks to Jimmy Dean from Storm in the lead up to their 10th Birthday on Saturday 24th April

Hi John! How has 2010 been for you so far?

In a word - busy! Really great though, I've been out every weekend playing and already done a lot of international work this year, the weekly Radio 1 show, live broadcast from Newcastle on Radio 1 a few weeks back. I've got the next release for my Free Range label sorted, so I couldn't have asked for a better start to the year. Plus the Hard Dance Awards Euphoria album is doing really well!

At the Hard Dance Awards 2010, you picked up Best UK DJ award, the Outstanding Contribution award and you also contributed to the Goodgreef Xtra Hard compilation – Was this something you expected at such a young age?

Err, yes and no really! I mean all my peers on the scene like Kidd and Whitby have already won the best DJ award before so it's not like I'm a particularly young winner for that. But the outstanding contribution is something I was very honoured to win and BK and Lisa Lashes were shortlisted too, obviously they have been in the scene longer than me, and have done some amazing things to pave the way for the hard dance scene, so it was a very cool award to pick up, as an acknowledgement for all the late nights and early morning I have been putting in whilst working at Radio 1 to push our scene for forward, writing in magazines etc...

With being a Radio 1 DJ you must receive so many promos in your inbox every week. What is the most bizarre promo you have ever received?

A few months ago I got sent the latest "Now" album haha… I was actually happy with it though, gave it my sister for Christmas!

You were recently asked to become ambassador for Dance4Life – Tell us more about this?

Yeah Dance4Life is a great charity where the big names in dance music gather together to put on a rave (amongst other things) to raise money to combat aids in Africa. I'm very privileged, not just because of the job that I do, but down to basic things like clean water and a bed at night! I don't pretend to be the Mother Teresa of hard dance or anything, but if I can play events and help people at the same time, I'm certainly going to do it and spread the word.

What gave you the inspiration for your YouTube Video Tutorials?

YouTube is the ultimate resource for tutorials these days! I am always using it when I get stuck with production or anything! There are certain areas that (without meaning to sound big headed) that I have become a bit of an expert in, and YouTube seemed to be the perfect way to get it out there, and hopeful help people! I'd encourage other to do the same too, and maybe I can learn something from you!

Describe your most embarrassing moment on radio…

I guess it was when we all had to re-sit our GCSE's last year, I happened to be in London when the results came in so Zane Lowe got me down in the studio to read out my results live on air! I was so nervous, much more than first time round, even though it didn't matter what I got, I knew if I failed I would get rinsed out in front of millions of listeners lol… Luckily, I did OK, I think I got a 'B' so the shoe was on the other foot then and I could start gloating!

You DJ weekly for Radio 1, you won best DJ and outstanding contribution at the HDA’s, you do your YouTube videos regular, you are a column writer for DJ magazine,  you’ve mixed a number of compilations, you DJ up and down the country and all over the world every week, and you’re a scratching genius! – What’s left for you to achieve that you’ve not already done?

Production is certainly an area that i would love to develop in the long run, but as you can see by what I have going on at the moment there really aren't enough hours in the day to get really involved in regularly making my own music. At the moment it’s all about maintenance of what I have going on already. The last thing I want to do is start spreading myself too thinly and the quality of what i do suffering because of it. I passionately love everything that i am doing at the moment with the radio show, clubs gigs, tutorials and writing, so I just want to maintain and grow everything that i am doing currently and take them to the next level!

You’re one of the scenes more respected scratch artists – If given a chance, who would you like to go up against in a scratch battle?

It would be cool to take on one of the real old skool legends like Mixmaster Mike, or some of the really cool pioneering DMC DJ's like Dexta, DJ Noise etc… But my favourite person to battle still has to be Matt from Organ Donors! We both grew up with the whole battle DJ culture being a big part of what we do, and we have had great fun in the past clearing out after parties with some really in-depth, geeky turntablism sessions!

Describe your perfect “sound”…

I really like the sound of glass breaking… Is that wrong?

Can you remember a set that you’ve played where you thought “WOW!”?

Yeah, that what I love about the hard dance scene, is you get that all the time! Like just last weekend I played at 'Club Berlin' in Edinburgh, i tiny little club with a low ceiling, but man was it going off!! As soon as you went in there you could feel the sweat dripping from the walls and ceilings, and hear the crowd going mental above the music! And tomorrow I'm off to play a snowboarding festival in Andorra which I'm sure will present another crazy 'WOW' moment :D

Vinyl or CDJ?

I love vinyl to death, but realistically it’s all about CDJ's these days!

Storm 10th Birthday! The line up is HUGE… What or who are you looking forward to the most about this event?

Yeah there is crazy hype about this one, I cannot wait! Very much looking forward to Alex Kidd's set! He always smashes it, and I'm intrigued to hear what he has in store for his 10th birthday special set! Also, Argy! Everytime I see this young chap play it scares me how good he is!

How do you see Hard House? And how do you see clubland in two years time?

It's a tough one really! I think the UK 'hard house' sound specifically has had to reinvent it's self recently as things were getting a bit stale, but with all the fresh sounds from the likes of Scott Attrill, Anne Savage and BK etc… The music is in a really exciting place at the moment! And with young artist like Neal Thomas, In2ition, Argy (literally to name but a few) all pioneering their own fresh sounds, I really think things are on the up!

Don’t forget you can catch Kutski at Storm’s 10th Birthday, 24th April at the Emporium in Coalville. Watch the video to see his reason just why we shouldn’t miss out on this event: