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3 Shot At West London ‘Grime’ Rave

Reported by JontySkrufff on April 16, 2010

Londoner DJ Werewolf and two revellers were recovering in hospital this week, after an unknown gunman shot them with a Mac-10 sub-machinegun at a West London warehouse party celebrating the first birthday of thriving music portal

Cops told the Evening Standard they believe the shooting happened over ‘something as trivial as a row over someone being pushed’ and issued an urgent plea for revellers to hand over photos from the event.

"It was pure luck that no one was killed during this incident. The gunman fired an automatic weapon into the crowd; hitting three people,” Operation Trident senior Detective DI Michael Millar told reporters, “He is obviously an extremely dangerous individual who had complete disregard to the safety of anyone else at the event."

Party organizer and millionaire socialite/ reality TV star Donatella Panayiotou, 26, reportedly hid in a cupboard near the DJ booth to escape the bullets and later apologized for the incident on her Twittter account.

“Seeing as nobody else has spoken out, I will. I'm deeply sorry for anyone who was hurt or upset by what happened last night,” she Twittered.

“It is easy for everyone to throw the blame at different people but all I ask is for people to be more considerate to the more important issues that are going on at present.”

“For those asking, no excuses can be made, I can only offer my sincerest apologies once more. The main priority should be for those hurt.

Just so everybody is clear, I have NOT spoken to any newspapers about anything and this is not what I wanted. Stop the abuse,” she added.

Despite her comments, The Sun quoted her extensively this week as saying she believed she was the target of the shooting, for refusing to feature the video of a particular grime act on her website.

"I've had nasty phone calls and internet messages,” the Sun said she told them.

"They have been saying 'You're going to pay for what happened', 'People are hurt because of you', 'We're going to slash your throat' and 'You deserve to die'."

Immediately after the event, GrimeDaily published a more muted statement defending apologizing ‘for any confusion or miscommunication about the purpose and nature of this event’.

“There was no grime music played at this event, and the events on the night should therefore not reflect anything to do with the genre grime.” GrimeDaily pleaded. 

“Grime Daily supports the talent and the future of UK music – particularly Grime, and we hope that neither the name or reputation of the scene have been tarnished by this event.”

The horrific shooting happened nine years after Damian Cope, 22, was shot and killed outside Browns, the famous Central London celebrity club owned by Donatella father Angelo Panayiotou.

Press reports at the time claimed Damien was killed after arguing with his killer following a game of football at his local park. His mother Lucy Cope subsequently launched an organization called Mothers Against Guns and speaking to the Standard several years later said she remained ‘devastated’ by her son’s killing.

"If Damian was a violent man, if he was involved in drugs, if he was a criminal, I might accept it,” she said. "But he was murdered over a petty argument. The man who pulled the trigger will get stripes, he'll get so-called respect. But he took a beautiful young man who had everything to live for."

Notorious thug Andrew Wanoghu was later tried for the killing though freed after witnesses retracted their statements. He was subsequently murdered in 2008 by fellow gangster Delphon Nicholas, who arranged for him to be executed after the pair fell out.

 Operation Trident: ‘For a small number of people carrying a gun, or living in fear of gun crime is an everyday reality . . . Shootings are occurring for trivial reasons such as someone thinks they’ve been disrespected or sometimes are in revenge for an earlier argument or crime . . .’)

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