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Volcanic Cloud Causes DJ Chaos

Reported by JontySkrufff on April 16, 2010

Scores of international DJs including Fergie, Erick Morillo, Dave Seaman and Tommie Sunshine have been forced to cancel gigs this weekend as Iceland’s still erupting volcano saw more and more countries closing their airspace across Northern Europe. Bernard Sumner and Gary Numan were also stuck in the UK and were forced to cancel appearances at US festival Coachella.

Dave Seaman Twittered about missing a gig in Greece (‘all flights out of UK are grounded. Nearest open airport seems to be Zurich’) while Erick Morillo was equally put out.

“I have been trying to figure out how to get to Dubai from London, but keep getting nowhere. Very frustrating,” the Pacha Ibiza superstar spinner Twittered.

“A volcano. Who would have ever thought?” he added soon after, “I think Earth is sending a message.”

Fellow US DJ Tommie Sunshine was also stranded in London though made the best of the situation relaxing at the rooftop swimming pool at ultra-expensive private members club Shoreditch House.

“Here I sit, poolside at Shoreditch House exhausted, frustrated and in disbelief that volcanic ash is dictating my options in life,” Tommie told Skrufff.

“My gig alongside Tomcraft at Harry Klein in Munich is already canceled tonight. I am hoping to make it to Berlin to play Weekend tomorrow night. 

“Looks like Mother Nature is once again trying to tell a world public that isn't listening that she is falling apart. At what point do we stop, take her seriously and rearrange our lives to help her heal?”

Tommie’s missed gigs (he looked certain to miss Weekend as well, with UK airspace closed until at least 1am Saturday morning) paled alongside those of Scottish based DJ Fergie who was scrapped slots at Indonesian mega clubs X3 and Stadium this weekend as he was stuck in Glasgow.

“I’m a bit pissed off about this,” Fergie told Skrufff, “I cant see any ash about yet, but the sun is out in Glasgow so I’m gonna make the best of it,” he vowed.

The Daily Mail, meanwhile, predicted that ash could soon start settling over the UK accompanied possibly by a ‘rotten egg’ sulphurous smell and warned that air flight disruptions could last for weeks and as long as six weeks. 

Volcano expert Professor Bill McGuire, of the Aon Benfield Hazard Research Centre at University College London hinted that the disruption could last even longer, noting thaty when the Eyjafjallajökull volcano last erupted in 1821 it continued for 16 months (the Telegraph).

The Times meanwhile, pointed out that nearby volcano Katla had also erupted on the last three occasions Eyjafjallajökull had exploded, ‘shooting up enormous plumes of ash, gas and acid high into the atmosphere, blocking out the Sun’s energy and cooling the climate.’

Even more ominously, each paper referenced nearby volcano Laki, which erupted in 1783 with catastrophic consequences across much of Europe. According to the Telegraph, 23,000 Brits perished after Laki spewed ‘huge clouds’ of sulphur into the atmosphere, which descended as sulphur dioxide and sulphuric acid, destroying victims’ lungs.  The volcano also caused famine in Iceland after 50% of the island’s livestock was killed by the fumes.

Brit in Reykjavik dance producer Simon Latham said life is so far going on ‘as normal’ in Iceland with Reykjavik still largely unaffected as winds blow the ash clouds and fumes offshore.

A Youtube clip of the offending volcano

Incredible photo of Eyjafjallajökull volcano

“As the last eruption began to die down in these last few days, it was met with some disappointment actually,” Simon told Skrufff, “The recent sightseeing and pictures and video have been astonishing, with lava flows glowing like fluorescent waterfalls in the evenings. The whole island was talking about what they had seen,” he said.

Volcano Laki on Wiki: ‘The summer of 1783 was the hottest on record and a rare high pressure zone over Iceland caused the winds to blow to the south-east. The poisonous cloud drifted to Bergen in Norway, then spread to Prague in the Province of Bohemia by 17 June, Berlin by 18 June, Paris by 20 June, Le Havre by 22 June, and to Great Britain by 23 June. The fog was so thick that boats stayed in port, unable to navigate, and the sun was described as "blood coloured".[6] Inhaling sulfur dioxide gas causes victims to choke as their internal soft tissue swells . . .)

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