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Hospital presents Sick Music 2

Reported by Jack Bridges TID on April 23, 2010

One of the huge success stories on Hospital in 2009 was the SICK MUSIC album - which brought together established names along with complete newcomers across two incredible discs of post-millennial D+B supremacy. The latest bunch of ambulance chasing beats is looking highly likely to eclipse that success.

With Hospital debuts for Camo + Krooked, dubstep superstar Reso, Jonny L, and Ill Skillz, the compilation also features newcomers Stanza, Wilkinson and Royalston. Of course current big names are represented along with stars of last years Sick Music: Nu:Tone, Cyantific and B Complex all return to bring a new dose of aural excitement.

The musical content is varied too, from the hands in the air euphoria of Netsky’s “Memory Lane” to the atmospheric introspection of Dan Habarnam’s “No Ballast”. The only way to find out is to get your hands dirty and hear for yourself. With support on these tracks from DJs across the Drum & Bass spectrum as well as early radio support from Annie Mac.