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London’s New School Disco?

Reported by JontySkrufff on April 25, 2010

The Standard newspaper branded ‘geek chic’ as London nightlife’s next big thing this week, suggesting karaoke disco/ pop nights such as Ultimate Power, We Are the Pigs and White Wedding are taking over ‘cool’ clubland.

“White Wedding is a great leveller,” WW co-founder Becky Houghton told the paper, “No one can be too cool when they're dressed like a randy uncle, dodgy bridesmaid or a vicar — it's about having fun and being silly. People are sick of anonymous mega-dance clubs,” she claimed.

The marriage themed fancy dress party is headlined by DJ Tayo next month, who White Wedding promised will be playing ‘good old fashioned pop’ such as Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ on their latest press release. The erstwhile breaks star admitted to being a pop fan in an interview with Skrufff several years ago, with the 70s his favourite era.

“I’ve always had a soft spot for soft rock- particularly Whitesnake; the genius of Whitesnake has gone un-rewarded for too long,” Tayo told Skrufff in 2004.

“You have to like it if you’re of a certain age because dance music has only been around for a certain period of time. I also love Meatloaf’s Bat Out Of Hell,” he added, “I like every single track; the whole album’s an absolute classic.”

The Standard’s geek chic suggestion that ‘being one of the cool kids these days is definitely not cool’ struck a  striking chord with an earlier article written by Alexis Petridis, who in 2002 presciently suggested ‘the whole concept of cool has lost its currency in Britain’.

The Guardian critic and former Mixmag writer’s claim appeared in an article about the rise of School Disco, an remarkably similar (briefly) hugely popular fancy dress pop party, that Petridis appropriately described as ‘painfully unhip’.

“What School Disco largely deals in is not nostalgia, but inoffensive, singalong pop and rock hits, the sort of thing you'd find on your average pub jukebox,” he said, “Ironically, the night doesn't resemble a school disco so much as a city-centre club from the days before acid house.”

The Standard: ‘Saturday geek fever: the Gleeful clubs we can't get enough of’)

School Disco is top of the class (July 2002): ‘Dance culture is in crisis, with takings at the superclubs plummeting and big-name DJs charging crippling fees. But one club is booming - a place where nostalgia rules and lager is the drug of choice . . .’ 

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