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Amsterdam Dance Conference’s Laughing Gnomes (October 20)

Reported by JontySkrufff on April 27, 2010

Dance music conference/ festival the Amsterdam Dance Event are teaming up with the Golden Gnome Awards this year, to host a new international edition of the prestigious awards, which includes categories such as ‘Fashion Victim of the year’ and the keenly contested ‘Worst Haircut in Dance Music.’

The new ‘International Golden Gnome Awards’ takes place at Amsterdam’s legendary venue the Paradiso and will be the official opening event for ADE on Wednesday October 20, ADE revealed.

Though the 15 year old Gnomes awards previously celebrated Dutch DJs and clubs’ achievements, they also paid tribute to international stars including David Guetta, Richie Hawtin and Dave Clarke though ADE chief Richard Zijlma refused to comment on whether Guetta or Hawtin won ‘worst haircut’. He also refused to be drawn on whether Dave Clarke won ‘sexiest DJ’ last year, though did reveal that the UK techno stalwart, as well as Roger Sanchez, will be heavily involved in this year’s ADE conference.

He also said he’s confident they’ll be able to find enough nominees for GGA’s most bizarre (and oxymoronic) category ‘most loveable agent’, quipping ‘Agents? We just love them all’.

The new award ceremony will effectively add an extra day to ADE, Richard continued, marking a continuing expansion of the hugely successful 16 year old event.

“Traditionally conference delegates used to arrive on Thursday though last year we presented our ‘Music & Bits’ pre-conference show  on Wednesday and were surprised by how busy it was; quite a few delegates told me they regretted coming on Thursday,” he said. 

“We’re continuing Music & Bits this year and now with the International Golden Gnome Awards, we’re suggesting people come on the Wednesday.”

He also said they’re planning to increase the scale of ADE generally, boosting numbers beyond the 2,200 delegates and over 90,000 clubbers who currently flock to Amsterdam each year.

“We’re actively trying to increase capacity this year because we’ve sold out for the last three years in a row, earlier each year,” said Richard. “But we also want to maintain the intimate character of the conference as a platform for the electronic music scene. But I'm quite optimistic about that. At this point we’ve sold over 120% more conference tickets than last year by this date, so I can only advise, register now.”

“As for the Golden Gnomes, they started out 15 years ago as a small local award show in Holland with the emphasis on fun and bringing some humour into the scene,” he continued.

“The dance music scene is about music but also about entertainment and the awards started from this perspective. After 15 years they became more and more important and valued over here and because I really liked the concept I asked them to host am international version during Amsterdam Dance Event. It gives ADE a real starting point. Also I did not want to compete with other international dance awards, so I think this is the solution. And who doesn't want to have a Golden Gnome?” said Richard.

International Golden Globe Awards, Wednesday October 20

ADE takes place from October 20-October 23: Conference News: ‘Register before the 1st of May (00.00 CEST) to save 30% on your registration fee. ADE has two types of registration: a day pass (only valid for the conference program) on the date chosen, and a 4-day full registration (valid for both the conference and festival program . . .’)

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