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Bestiality Brits Busted For Lust

Reported by JontySkrufff on April 27, 2010

Two British animal lovers were languishing in jail this week over bestiality offences in both the States and the UK.

66 year old Yorkshire-man Joseph Squires was remanded in custody at Leicester Crown Court after pleading guilty to buggery with a donkey and horse in separate incidents and was jailed despite his lawyer saying he was of previously good character.

“The defendant does not have a stable address,” his defence counsel Amar Mehta quipped (apparently seriously). (Yorkshire Evening Post)

Meanwhile in America, 51 year British tourist Stephen Clarke of Peterborough, was remanded in custody on charges having sex with three dogs at a ‘bestiality farm’ in Seattle after cops raided it and allegedly discovered a video of him in flagrante with the animals.

NBC reported that cops also seized brutalized horses and dogs during the raid, as well as scores of mice.

‘This stuff is just truly bizarre,’ Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo told reporters.

”These mice had their tails cut off. They were smothered in Vaseline and had string tied around them,” he added.

The farm belongs to notorious former millionaire turned convicted cocaine smuggler Douglas Spink who promotes it as a bizarre horse training academy via his web site

“Are we unconventional in our approach to stallion care? Absolutely,” he admits on the site’s ‘About’ page.

"We don't wall off sexual energy in our stallions as something dangerous or inappropriate, but rather channel that energy towards positive, safe, appropriate paths. There's a proper time and place for it, and we work towards those sorts of skills rather than fighting un-winnable fights against deeply-rooted instincts.”

“Our goal is not - and has never been - popularity in the ‘horse world’,” he adds on the home page.

“So if you're surprised by what we've said here (or elsewhere), know this: we measure our success on the basis of the happiness and fulfillment of the stallions in our program, as well as our overall positive impact on equine/human understanding - not on our popularity with other two-legger.”

The Brit tourist involved remained locked up in Whatcom County Jail (in cell 129, according to the Jail’s website), facing US$150,000 bail fees. He’s likely to be in some danger judging by recent press reports revealing that violence levels at the jail have increased by 300% in the last three years. Speaking about the situation in December, Sheriff Bill Elfo told local newspaper the Bellingham Herald they’re typically having to cope with ten to twelve inmate fights a month amongst a population of just under 300 prisoners. 

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