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Gatecrasher Rejects’ ‘Prostitute’ Rant

Reported by JontySkrufff on April 30, 2010

A Midlands couple who were refused entry to Gatecrasher tried to take revenge publically this week, complaining to local newspaper the Birmingham Mail that they had been too well dressed for the Midlands super-club.


“I couldn’t believe it, our evening was ruined. I have never heard of anybody not being let in to a club because they are too smart,” South African wannabe reveller Magdalena Betteridge stormed.

“I would say we were dressed smart-casual,” she continued, “There were girls going in to the club who were dressed like prostitutes,” she claimed.

Though both the Beteridges are 54 years old, a Gatecrasher spokesperson made no mention of their age, instead apologizing and explaining that their door policy aims to admit only those with a certain (indefinable) ‘attitude and style’.

The club’s apparently arbitrary approach also spawned a Facebook Group called 'Gatecrasher Need to Change Their Dress Code and Door Policy' in November 2008, attracting 88 supporters most of whom appear to be in their 20s.

“Have you been turned away from Gatecrasher for no reason at all? Have you been turned away cos wat ur wearing is 'too casual'....have you been turned away cos ur 'overdressed',” the site asks.

“If you have been turned away from Gatecrasher for whatever reason pleaseeeeeee join and hopefully we can change their policy and make it easier for people to enter the club!!!”

Gatecrasher Facebook group

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