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UK Election 2010: Vote For Who? Louis Osbourne: Liberal Democrats

Reported by JontySkrufff on May 4, 2010

Though he remains best known as being the son of heavy metal pioneer turned reality TV star Ozzy Osbourne, Louis Osbourne is an acclaimed tech-house DJ and label chief in his own right, with new label Mija Recordings thriving despite the current industry-wide slump. Growing up in Birmingham, he moved overseas some years ago though remains passionately interested in UK politics from his Irish base.

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Louis Osbourne: “I have already voted for the Lib Dems by postal vote. Even though I don't live in the UK anymore I still always vote by postal vote. I feel that the Labour Party has stagnated and have lost their vision of change in the political system or of policies that will make a difference. They have become rather self-serving and seem to have lost touch with the electorate. Surviving for three terms is a challenge for any government, and they have floundered.

I would never vote for the Tories with David Cameron as leader; he's a puppet for party of mere spin, it's all a façade. He has no substance; it's all PR rubbish, and you can't polish a turd. At least when we had a partisan two party system you knew what either party stood for and what you would get if they won. New Labour ruined that by swamping the centre ground. Now Labour and the Tories are no longer substantially different, so all they do is try and ‘out spin’ each other in the centre ground. I am voting for the Lib Dems because for the first time ever it doesn't seem like a wasted vote, and even if they don't give politics a real change with their policies, at least if they win or become king makers in a hung Parliament it will shake up the two party system and breathe some new life into politics.” How much is this election any more important (or not) that any others?

Louis Osbourne: “Why should this election be any more important than any other? They are all equally important! Politicians will always try to bang the drum that this election is more important than any other election EVER, and that they are the only party that will make things better. That's rubbish.” How alarmed are you (if at all) about the state of Britain? (What issues concern you? the economy? crime? civil liberties? Any others?)

Louis Osbourne: “Alarmed no. But there are many concerns. Yes, the economy, crime and civil liberties are all concerning issues. Immigration is another major problem. The country's resources are way overstretched and we are over populated. There has to be some tighter control on the numbers of people entering the country. We have become a bit of a soft spot. 

It's also an issue that people don't seem to be able to discuss (this matter) rationally without being accused of being racist (which I certainly am not!). It's the elephant in the room, the longer it's ignored the worse a lot of other issues will get. Over-population will have consequences on all other areas of policy by over-burdening the system. Something has to change.” How much faith do you have in politicians?

Louis Osbourne: “Well you can't really lambast them as at least they get up and have a go. If you don't have faith in them and feel you could do better then don't just sit in your local pub slagging them off, go out and get involved. The expenses scandal was shocking, but we shouldn't be surprised, fiddling the system is human nature, and they are only human.”

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