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UK Election 2010: Vote For Who? Henry Cullen: Labour

Reported by JontySkrufff on May 4, 2010

Acid techno pioneer Henry Cullen remains best known for his D.A.V.E The Drummer alter ego, a monicker took on when a drummer with Back to the Planet. Surviving a near fatal stabbing as a teenager growing up in South London, he’s toured the world as a DJ for over 15 years remaining closely wired into the global techno underground. Skrufff): Who are you voting for? And why?

Henry Cullen: “Labour, not that it'll do us any good. But I had to at least vote for someone, I thought anything would be better than the Tories (Conservatives). David Cameron has to be the most arrogant man in the UK right now.” How much is this election any more important (or not) that any others?

Henry Cullen: “It's so important this time around because there are these huge key issues at stake and because we, the British public, have finally woken up (a little) to just how corrupt politicians really are: We've been so ripped off in recent years, starting with the Iraq war, and the fake housing market boom, MPs’ expenses scandals and of course ending with the financial system’s ultimate collapse. I'm surprised that more people didn't take to the streets, to be honest. I think they got away with it very lightly. There's still time, though. Watch your back, Mr Prime Minister, whoever you maybe.” How alarmed are you (if at all) about the state of Britain? (what issues concern you? the economy? crime? civil liberties? any others?)

Henry Cullen: “Very Alarmed Indeed. We are being lied to everyday .We have no chance of finding out what's really going on with our country’s finances or future intentions. We don't have any say in our local area issues such as building plans and road plans or policing. Global environmental crises are truly upon us and we still shut the barn door after the horse has bolted, and pretend we got away with it even after thousands have died. Countries are still intent on fighting and killing over what amounts to some pathetic difference in beliefs over an old story written down 2000 years ago (the Bible) and we think we are helping by just steaming in there and bashing the nearest person like a bully in a playground.”

I'm absolutely fucking sick of the patronizing TV debates and smarmy media savvy political leaders trying to butter us up while we know all they want is our money. Ghetto-ization is becoming a reality in certain parts of the UK. Kids have got terrible role models, we are obsessed with our bodies and talentless super-rich celebrities, who spend their entire lives in the gym or making real life documentaries about themselves, and this crap is wrapped up and fed to us in a nice little package to keep us sedated and quiet, so we feel like we are having a real life.

Public safety amounts to little more than an excuse for mass bullying / crowd control in the most irrelevant and useless areas of our lives. Whereas real safety ie: pensioners imprisoned in their own homes in the inner cities by feral kid gangs, is non-existent, and largely ignored.” How much faith do you have in politicians?

Henry Cullen: “None at all. They are evil, out of touch, and incapable of being fair or honest and they prove it over and over again, and we let them.”

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