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UK Election 2010: Vote For Who? Jagz Kooner: Liberal Democrats

Reported by JontySkrufff on May 4, 2010

Nowadays best known for producing the likes of Primal Scream, Manic Street Preachers and Reverend & The Makers, Londoner Jagz Kooner was one of the key pioneers of acid house, teaming up with a then unknown Andrew Weatherall in the late 80s to form Sabres of Paradise. During the 90s he detoured into the dark side via the Aloof though today remains one of the key producers in contemporary dance music. For more on Jagz, click here. (Jonty Skrufff): Who are you voting for? and why?

Jagz Kooner: “I’m voting for the Lib Dems because I’ve lived under a succession of Conservative and Labour governments and I can’t really tell the difference between them anymore (they are basically the same party really) .  I often watch prime minsters questions and always found that the Lib Dems make really valid points. I really do feel like it’s worth giving someone else a go too. They were also against the Iraq invasion (which I believe has really tarnished the UK's standing on the world platform). Also, no party are coming clean on the level of spending cuts that will happen but the Lib Dems are telling us smaller lies than the other two.” How much is this election any more important (or not) that any others?

Jagz Kooner: “I don’t think it’s any more important than any other general election but for me personally it’s different because my daughter is old enough to understand what it means now. She’s  13 and we have discussions about the importance of understanding politics and how they affect everyday life (as opposed to it just being a soap opera on the evening news).” How alarmed are you (if at all) about the state of Britain? (what issues concern you? the economy? crime? civil liberties? any others?)

Jagz Kooner: “What concerns me most is the way the media can manipulate the masses into forming a collective opinion. I don’t really want to go into policy on any of the subject matters as it will get quite in depth.” How much faith do you have in politicians?

Jagz Kooner: “None whatsoever. It’s got to the point where after the expenses scandal/war mongering/inability to regulate banks and general disregard for normal people in favour of big business means that they really do need to prove themselves to us.”

Jagz’ latest production: ‘FREE AUTOKRATZ SINGLE DOWNLOAD!!!! Hello you lovely people (actually does anyone use myspace anymore?) anyhoo ive produced the new Autokratz single "Kick" and its available for free download below. It has Andrew Innes from Primal Scream on screeching guitar.  hope you like it ! . . .’)

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