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UK Election 2010: Vote For Who? Ade Fenton: Undecided

Reported by JontySkrufff on May 4, 2010

In recent years, eyeliner loving British techno type Ade Fenton has spent much of his time working with electronic music pioneer Gary Numan, producing his recent albums and more often than not DJing with the Are Friends Electric legend. For more on Ade, click here (Jonty Skrufff): Who are you voting for? and why?

Ade Fenton: “I genuinely haven't decided. It certainly won't be Labour. They've had their chance to create what I'd always believed they stood for but actually, they've done fuck all and they are partly responsible for why I just don't like this country anymore. If I were being mercenary, I'd vote Conservative because of their proposed tax cuts for small businesses but I don't think I could live with myself. So that leaves me with the Liberal Democrats, a nice idea but can they really run the country? I'm not sure. Clegg talks a good game and Vince Cable seems very competent. I'll see how I feel on Thursday morning. How much is this election any more important (or not) that any others?

Ade Fenton: “It's important because it's a chance to get Gordon Brown out of office and because Labour have blown their chance, but it's no more or no less important than any other because actually, ever since I can remember, every election has been about change and making things better. How alarmed are you (if at all) about the state of Britain? (what issues concern you? the economy? crime? civil liberties? any others?)

Ade Fenton: “I used to be fiercely patriotic but not any more. There are so many things that are wrong that I've got to the stage where I just want to leave and make a nice life somewhere else. The price of petrol, the size of my mortgage, tax on everything, corporate greed, shit public transport, thugs everywhere, huge energy bills, stupid immigration policies, the rise of the under class, my niece being in a classroom of 34 kids, political correctness, bureaucracy, crime, censorship, corrupt politicians, tax, tax and more tax. How much faith do you have in politicians?

Ade Fenton: “Fuck all. Zero. They all promise honesty and integrity and being in it for the right reasons, wanting to make a difference blah blah blah. But give them one day in power and they all turn out to be greedy, deceitful cunts. Blair being the perfect example.” 

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