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UK Election 2010: Vote For Who? Dare & Haste: No-one

Reported by JontySkrufff on May 4, 2010

UK techno rising star Dare & Haste (aka Martin Radcliffe) recently released his debut album ‘the Sinister Sound System’ on Advanced Records, to thunderous acclaim: for more click HERE

Skrufff: Who are you voting for and why?

Dare & Haste: “I don’t think I’ll be voting for anyone. If I have the time and energy I may drop a 'spoil card' as they say. Lovely name for it that. I tend to think whomever or whatever I vote for and whoever shouts change the loudest and gets elected will bow down to the exactly the same agenda as any other. control and profit. I prefer to watch what the banks and corporations are doing. That stuff is closer to the truth than politics. Politics is just the front.”

Skrufff: How much is the election any more important (or not) than any others?

Dare & Haste: “To me it’s one of the least I’ve ever been interested in. I used to think politics was a just and righteous debate but I learned (unlike many people who refuse to) that the monetary system is designed to get the sort of results we see in our world. Crime of all kinds, disease, poverty and extreme financial wealth restricted to a small group of so called elite. The election just drives me crazy. Government is irrelevant to me now.”

Skrufff: How alarmed are you (if at all) about the state of Britain? (what issues concern you? the economy? crime? civil liberties? any others?)

Dare & Haste: I'm more alarmed about the whole world, not just Britain. If the UK is so adamant about change then why don't they just lead the way? Sort the world out. I know the mess of corporate manipulation and deal making over the years can't be undone overnight but they could at least suggest incremental changes that will eventually address it. All this emphasis on money and ‘value’ has created the society we see today and its results:  Poverty. Pollution. Murder. Crime. All of these matters are presided over by the courts who also look after our  ‘civil liberties and so on. I love that one. Civil Liberties! If we are free then why is there a book of liberties? Or am I missing the point? 

The rise of the Green party was a good thing but still not quite there for me. The only reason I feel this way is because i believe we're all fucked if we don't start sharing the wealth. The only reason the Government doesn't offer this answer is because it can't. The banks and corporations make the calls and they control the value. It doesn't matter who controls the government it only matters who controls the currency. Politics is outdated, man. The sooner people realise this the better. The point is nobody is working towards a goal of arriving at a time and place when there will be no law. Politics is too short sighted. Each country just trying to look after itself. Please. 

I watched a bit of the 'Big Debate' that they televised over here in the UK. It was in Birmingham too which was the main reason I watched it. Cameron was talking about taxing the banks more and Mr Brown was saying that will only scare the banks and big business's away. I mean come on. Look. It's all revolving around the monetary system. I switched if off shortly after hearing this.”

Skrufff: How much faith do you have in politicians?

Dare & Haste: “I think some of those guys must work really hard and everything but only around the ideas of the governing forces in our lives today. Money and Self Gain: At the expense of others. There are people and companies out there exploiting the population with purchase of labour for the gain of themselves and so we can walk around a shopping mall looking for those new shoes. While somewhere in the world someone is fighting for their life in poverty or danger. It’s completely out of balance.

And not forgetting the number one idea of course: That money doesn't work. It is the reason for all this mess the world is in. People have nothing if there is no money. I fear we've been dumbed down about the truth. War and invasion are outdated and exist now only to provide the system with more profit. Amazing how we can mobilise great armies but we can't get homeless people off the streets. Once again.”

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