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Diplo Taunted for Tiesto Tie-Up

Reported by JontySkrufff on May 17, 2010

Previously critically unassailable Baltimore/ baile funk/ 2 step producer Diplo was roundly ridiculed by leading US dance magazine XLR8R this week over his recent collaboration with superstar trance DJ Tiesto.

“Remember the YouTube video that was circulating a while back that featured a falsely subtitled interview with Tiësto?” asked XLR8R critic Thomas Rees.

“In the video, he claims that he starts making tracks by drinking Scotch and watching The Real World while his dog licks his anus, then he interprets those slurping sounds on his Casio. Though his many fans would like to believe otherwise, the Dutch producer's latest collaboration with Diplo is proof that whoever subtitled the video wasn't that far off,” he declared.

"C'Mon" is the aural equivalent of santorum, a called-in piece of disgusting trance chords, shitty electro bass, and kicks that a feral child could imitate in his sleep.”

XLR8R’s scathing (and given the unusual awfulness of the track, relatively restrained) review is unlikely to upset the Dutch pop-trancester too much, however, given his seemingly unassailable status as the world’s most popular DJ with both the masses and marketers. 

Teaming up with Dutch mobile phone company LG last week, he provided video clips, wallpapers, ringtones and all of his recent album Kaleidoscope album for customers spending US$528 on LG’s limited edition handset the LG GD880 Tiesto Edition. And in the same week, he announced he’s to collaborate with South African band BLK JKS on a track, in a project apparently dreamed up by Smirnoff Vodka (click here for more:ësto SA )

On the DJing front he also announced a return to Ibiza’s biggest superclub Privilege, hosting what’s sure to be another season of sell-out parties at the venue which once hosted definitive 90s superclub experience Manumission.

“I love this island and I love this club, it allows me to be myself and take my music in any direction I want,” he gushed in a characteristically euphoric press release posted on his site, “With the Privilege residency it feels like a homecoming of sorts, the closing of the circle. So all I can say for 2010, is I guarantee two things: Expect the unexpected, and expect to dance!” No news yet as to whether Diplo will be joining him.

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