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London's Fabric: We're Open As Normal, Business As Usual'

Reported by JontySkrufff on May 27, 2010

A spokesperson from Fabric chatted to this week about the rumours sweeping the Internet that the London superclub has gone bust and denied that the club will be closed for business this weekend (Friday May 28).

“Lots of things (are) going on behind the scenes but the club's still open as normal, business as usual,” the publicist confirmed, “We're hoping to have a statement prepared by tomorrow,” she added.

The rumours appear to have been sparked by Twitter messages posted by Everything But The Girl/ Buzzin' Fly mainman Ben Watt who on Wednesday Tweeted a message claiming he’d been told that ‘all fabric and (sister club) matter staff have been made redundant’.

Deleting the message soon after posted an ambiguous follow up message saying ‘I seem to have upset some people revealing news that I thought others knew. it was not my intention. Apologies’, prompting even more speculation on the web.

London’s Time Out Magazine subsequently confirmed that the East London venue is definitely opening this weekend, Tweeting ‘Long b4 Twttr, rumours of Fabric's demise have come & gone. It has withstood worse crises than ths – we're goin 2 wait 4 the official story.’ Jonty Skrufff ( Follow Jonty on Twitter