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UK Festivals Mainstream & Mature

Reported by JontySkrufff on May 27, 2010

Top British music journalist Caspar Llewellyn Smith denigrated Britain’s 450 music festivals as ‘completely mainstream’ this week, describing Glastonbury as ‘like an advertisement for the Somerset Tourist Board."

His acerbic comments appeared in a BBC article asking ‘what does a music festival say about you?’ which described bankers in £3,000 teepees and picknicking families supplanting the lawlessness of earlier eras, with music also no longer the defining characteristic behind most event.

“If watching your favourite band means standing in a field of people who look like mobile-phone salesmen, then some people will decide not to go,” Independent newspaper journalist Alice-Azania Jarvis told the BBC. “It's not what you're watching, more who you are watching them with,” she added.

Professor Adrian North, director of psychology at Heriot-Watt University, agreed."For some, membership of a tribe gives them self esteem. “ he said, “If your sub culture sets you apart, once everyone else joins in it no longer makes you different. You're just normal." (BBC)

The article appeared as a flood of now annual  festival fashion features appeared in scores of British magazines and newspapers, pretty much all of which advised packing broadly similar items with wellington boots the one ‘must-have’ item all agreed on.

High fashion magazine Model Direct also recommended packing a pair of espadrilles for sunny weather and short shorts (for women) for every eventuality.

"Even if you have to pair them with tights, wellies (wellington boots) and a rain mac, shorts are great for festivals,” Model Direct urged, “If you're expecting mud of Glastonbury proportions, trousers aren't much use, you'll end up with it caked to the bottom of them," they explained.

Independent newspaper festival critic Dave Taylor also emphasised footwear (‘Wellingtons or flip flops? Both’) though completely disagreed about trousers.

“Shorts or short skirts are ideal for daywear, but make sure you pack long trousers for when the sun goes down,’ he cautioned.“And take at least one spare pair. If the heavens open (as they surely will) you'll need to change into dry clothes or spend the rest of the day shivering.”

Leading high fashion portal net-a-porter, meanwhile, recommended went for Wellington boots in particular Hunter’s ‘crocodile-stamped panels and silver-tone rivet adorned ‘badass wellies’ which net-a-porter said resemble ‘tough-looking motorcycle boots’.

“(However) in our opinion, these $200+ rubber rain boots would make wearers look like they’re trying too hard,” they cautioned, “But maybe super fashion-conscious concert-goers will go for them.”

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