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Stunners Remember Alex Silverfish (Sunday May 30: from 5pm)

Reported by JontySkrufff on May 29, 2010

London alternative scene DJs and performers including Chicken from Trailer Trash, Kaos’ HaLo-iS and Cormac from Wet Yourself will be spinning at an early evening ‘tea dance’ at infamous transgender institution Stunners this weekend, for a fund raising party celebrating the memory of legendary underground techno DJ Alex Silverfish.

The transsexual techno/ free party pioneer committed suicide in July 2007 after suffering years of violent abuse from homophobic Bengali gangs at her Bethnal Green East London estate, and the party will be raising funds for ‘Project Silverfish’, a scheme run by the Pilion Trust to help homeless and trans people in London.

Project Silverfish organiser Adele Adams (herself an equally legendary figure on London’s queer/ trans/ alternative club scene once known as Miss Cunty) said she set up the scheme after being shocked by Alex’s untimely death (Alex was just 43).

“I trained as an outreach worker with the Pilion Trust as part of my gender transition, and I felt that, since we target marginalised communities and deal with such things as homelessness, drug abuse, anti social behaviour etc, it would be beneficial as a trans woman to start a project to help other trans people in similar situations that Alex had faced,” Adele explained.

“Alex and I had lost touch and when I heard about her suicide I was totally gutted about the way she had been treated by her council and the way her case had been left to stagnate while she was suffering abuse.“If we had been in touch at the time I feel I would have been able to advocate a move for her. It was this incentive and the desire to keep her name alive and not let her be another forgotten victim that made me start the project,” she said.

Writing on her personal Facebook page, Adele displays the motto 'better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you are not' inspired by her own tough experiences surviving as a transgender woman in 21st century London.

“As a trans person and also an intersex person I felt obliged to live in a gender which suited my family rather than be happy and be secure in who I am,” Adele recalled. “And as a result of transitioning I lost my family and many friends."

”I’m also pretty tall and it’s a fact of life that when you’re visible as a trans woman we can often be the victim of hate crime and negativity. But I feel it’s better to be hated and be happy with who I am than loved as someone I am not. It makes sense.”

The first annual Project Silverfish bank holiday fundraiser takes place at Stunners (566 Cable St, London E1W 3HB) from 5pm to midnight on Sunday May 30. Tickets are £10 each: all proceeds to go the Pillion Trust. 

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