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Brazilian Clubber Killed In Miami

Reported by JontySkrufff on May 29, 2010

A homeless man who attacked a Brazilian clubber after he failed to give him a cigarette as he walked towards a downtown Miami superclub, has been charged with second degree murder. 

Press reports said Brazilian expat financier and part time model Lisney Oliveira, 26, was approaching Club Mekka with two friends in the early hours of Monday May 2 when suspected killer Sosthene Louis, 35, approached him and asked for a cigarette. As Lisney declined and walked away, Oliveira punched him to the ground, causing the Brazilian to strike his head on a concrete pavement, sustaining fatal injuries.

The killing happened a month after the Miami New Times published a report on horrific levels of violence against clubbers in downtown Miami including the still unsolved murder of Playboy model Paula Sladewski after she left Club Space in January.

“In the past two years, 12 people have been murdered inside or while leaving nightclubs in Miami-Dade, according to medical records and police reports,” the Miami New Times reported, “Most victims were young with bright futures and no criminal history.”

Following Lisney’s killing, the Times followed up with a blog posting ‘‘Despite Crime, Some Hipster Kids Are (a little too) Fearless in Overtown’ showing a youtube clips of two club girls wandering round downtown drinking alcohol and mocking passers-by with suicidal insouciance. 

“Gentrification is a funny thing. And by "funny," we mean totally horrifying,” the Times noted.

“In Miami, it beckons wealthy club kids to traipse around the ghetto like a college dorm. Park West/Overtown used to be known for its crumbling buildings and crack houses. Now it's the kind of place penniless neighbors roll their eyes at Beamer-driving 18-year-olds. It's also a case study in nightlife crime.”

Miami club girls downtown . . . (“Y’all Hanging Out in the HOOD”: downtown Miami, brown paper bagging it’, Youtube) Miami New Times: Violence Shocks Miami clubgoers . . .

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