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The Sun’s Next Big Drug Scare

Reported by JontySkrufff on May 29, 2010

British tabloid The Sun began spreading the word about previously relatively obscure party high ‘research chemical’ NRG-1 this week, suggesting it could soon replace mephedrone as the mind-altering substances of choice for law abiding revellers.

“JUST five weeks after a Sun campaign led to a ban on killer party drug meow meow, the market is flooded with potentially lethal replacements - all of them LEGAL,” the paper revealed.

‘(NRG-1 is) so strong that the dealer we bought some from admitted in a secret recording that he forced himself to be SICK after taking too much, as he was scared of overdosing,” the paper added.

Experts from drugs charity Transform were alarmed.

“Next meow meow to hit clubs and festivals The Sun,” they Tweeted, “Or next media frenzy that massively increases use?

The Sun ploughed on regardless explaining how easy is to buy the new chemical online for £20 a gram, gushing ‘it’s even cheaper than when bought in person from dealers such as James’ (presumably their in-house supplier).

Two days later, the newspaper interviewed another British NRG-1 supplier based in Belgium who raved that taking ‘just a few granules’ is ‘like taking crystal meth, cocaine and ecstasy combined’.

The self proclaimed former Meph dealer also suggested it’s so easy to manufacture that school children will soon be synthesizing it for 10p a gram.

 “It makes meow meow look like baby powder,” Dave Llewellyn told the tabloid.“It will make users want to tear out their own eyes. It makes people feel like God Himself - but really it is the Devil's Powder."

 Revellers online immediately ridiculed the Sun’s stance with one posting on an ‘experienced users’ clubbing forum ‘I’ve read the Sun's opinion on it and from what I’ve read I’m guessing they’re just trying to scare people.”  

However, numerous postings elsewhere warn of brutal comedowns and serious side effects.The product is certainly extremely easy to access online, ranging from companies offering single grams to others offering ‘bulk purchases’ in kilograms (for £3,000 a kilo).

While one bulk supplier stresses they are selling ‘research chemicals - NOT for human consumption’, a company taking orders for grams suggests the chemical is plant food, the same tale presented by many meph sellers before.

“Are you one of the ever-growing number of people who want to make the most of their gardens, then now is the perfect time to learn how the magic of NRG-1 can help,” the latter site asks, adding on the buy button: 

“1 gram of NRG-1 New blend of goodness for your garden to blossom, thus guaranteeing healthier and stronger plants, rich coloured blooms, gorgeous fragrances and greener leaves.”

“It couldn’t be easier to achieve those amazing, long lasting results you’ve always dreamed of. NEW - amazing all purpose soluble plant food!”

NRG-1 side effects; VERY cautionary user’s tales)

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