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President Frees Malawi Gay Couple (But . . .)

Reported by JontySkrufff on June 7, 2010

Malawi’s president, Bingu wa Mutharika, responded to international protests from the United Nations, Human Rights groups and Madonna this week, releasing Steven Monjeza, 26, and Tiwonge Chimbalanga, 20, from jail two weeks after the couple were sentenced to 14 years with hard labour for being gay.

“These boys committed a crime against our culture, our religion and our laws,” President wa Mutharika told reporters.

"In all aspects of reasoning, in all aspects of human understanding, these two gay boys were wrong - totally wrong. However, as the head of state, I hereby pardon them and therefore ask for their immediate release with no conditions.”

“I have done this on humanitarian grounds, but this does not mean that I support this,” he also stressed.

Malawi's Minister of Gender and Children Patricia Kaliati said the African country has no plans to moderate their brutally homophobic sexuality laws and warned that both men face re-arrest if they "continue doing that". (BBC)

Malawi’s virulently homophobic stance matched that of Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov who was thwarted in his efforts to ban pride last weekend after two small groups of civil libertarians staged protests.

Speaking about Pride marches in January be branded them ‘satanic’ again and vowed to never give in to ‘unprecedented’ pressure from civil libertarians,

"We are not authorizing such a parade at all and we are not going to authorize it in the future,” he told Interfax news agency. “We shouldn't waste time with all of this drivel about human rights. What we should do is repress it with the full force of the law,” he declared.

In an unholy alliance of hatred, American evangelical Matthew Cullinan Hoffman defended the Moscow Mayor’s stance this week and noted that the ‘Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow, Russian Islamic and Jewish leaders’ all back gay bans too.

"Gay pride" marches worldwide are characterized by open displays of nudity, obscene gestures, and even public sex acts between participants,” the Lifesite News reporter, almost enthusiastically claimed.

“Homosexual activists typically use such parades to desensitize the public to their dangerous behavior,” he continued, “which is associated with a host of medical and psychological disorders.”

Disappointingly, Matthew failed to disclose how many gay pride marches he’d participated in himself (Lifesite news: SAFE for work!)Jonty Skrufff: Follow Jonty on Twitter