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Roadwork Risk At England’s Oldest Nudist Club

Reported by JontySkrufff on June 28, 2010


Workmen widening the M25 came under attack from naturists from Five Acres Country Club this week, after the nudist colony took exception to plans to pile waste debris in two large mounds overlooking the St Albans site.

Country Club boss Pat Badham suggested peeping tom workmen could use the mounds to spy into their compound which includes a large swimming pool and exposed wooden benches and garden furniture.

"Residents are up in arms because their privacy is being compromised" Ms Badham told local newspaper the St Albans Review. "People come to a naturist club to socialise with like-minded people, not the entire world outside,” she complained.

 The fifty year old blonde took control of the 83 year old club in 2003 and chatting about her involvement to this year revealed she’d first discovered the joys of getting naked on a Balearic break in the 80s.

The very first time was on an 18 to 30 holidays when I was young. It was at a nudist beach in Ibiza. Goaded by the trip organisers we all just stripped off and went in the sea,” she recalled.

Naturists are not all sex maniacs and perverts, nakedness does not equal sex when it comes to naturism, It's a completely different sensation,” she added. “The trouble is that people will judge naturists and naturism without trying it out for themselves.”

Holiday portal describes Ibiza ‘perhaps the most perfect vacation spot for the nude bather’ though cautions discretion if venturing onto the ‘wild’ Es Cavalett beach’.

This beach is well known for it's gay corner, on the northernmost side. This "official nudist beach" is backed by rugged forests and sand-dunes, which you may want to steer clear of if travelling with small children (for a number of reasons.”  (NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!!)

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