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2 Concerts Crippled In LA Rave Crackdown

Reported by JontySkrufff on July 20, 2010

Promoters behind Los Angeles electronic music event Fresh Squeezed Music Festival 2010 succeeded in hosting their party last weekend, despite twice being forced to change venues at the last minute after council officials pulled their license.

Promotors from Fresh told KTLA News they’d received ‘incessant calls’ from officials pressuring them, which KTLA said were prompted by concerns sparked by the ecstasy related death of a teenage reveller at the Electric Daisy Carnival last month.

"There's nothing more important, from the position of a municipality, than looking after the health and safety of our people, particularly our youth," Pico Rivera Asst. City Manager Jeffrey Prang told the New channel, explaining the council’s reactions.

Much bigger electronic music event Hard LA also called off their planned event this weekend which was to have been headlined by MIA and said they’ll be combining the party with a future event scheduled for August.

Though numerous LA newspapers linked HARD’s last minute cancellation to the crackdown sparked by the Electric Daisy Carnival death, promoter Gary Richard category denied it, despite admitting that additional red tape "resulted in unforeseen costs to the event."

“HARD LA M.I.A. Saturday July 17th has been cancelled, but not due to the lack of support or the full approval from the personnel at the City of Los Angeles and California State Parks who have signed off on our comprehensive security plan,” he insisted in a statement posted on HARD’s website.

“We have decided to instead produce one massive event on August 7th at the same amazing location, the Los Angeles State Historic Park in Downtown Los Angeles."

“We continue to work closely with LAFD, LAPD, City of Los Angeles, and California State Parks who continue to support all HARD events and have approved our plan to operate the HARD SUMMER MUSIC FESTIVAL at the Los Angeles State Historic Park on August 7th 2010 featuring Soulwax, Crystal Castles, Major Lazer, Erol Alkan, Diplo, Digitalism and more,” he added.

The LA Times, meanwhile published an in-depth report on MDMA this week which despite its title (‘A Closer Look: How Ecstasy harms’) was reasonably balanced in its assessment.

Noting that most pills sold as E no longer contain MDMA as well as the dangers of dehydration, the paper also pointed out that ‘people take the drug to feel mentally stimulated, physically energetic, emotionally positive and to experience a level of enhanced sensory perception’.

Ecstasy seems to have a rather unique capacity for inducing states of empathy — powerful empathogenic experiences, where people feel very bonded," acclaimed UCLA drug expert Dr. Charles Grob added, "People often have very positive experiences,” he said (LA Times)

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