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Dubfire Roadtests New Traktor DJ Equipment

Reported by Jack Bridges TID on July 22, 2010

Long time Traktor user Dubfire was road testing the latest Traktor controller and updated software at a recent Space, Ibiza event.

Check out this short video for a few glimpses of the forthcoming mixer and new version of Traktor that until now has been kept under wraps.

The guys from have gone through the pain staking process of rendering all the stills and attempted to breakdown exactly what they think these new bits of equipments and software updates might be.

Thier predictions and assumptions include

·  Large form factor like the Torq Xponent and Amercian Audio VMS4

·  4 channels

·  4 hot cues

·  Transport controls below the jogs

·  Sample player - looks like 4 slots per deck (or maybe 2 decks plus 2 sample banks?) with play, volume and maybe F for filter (should silence the haters at last)

·  4" Jogwheel with a big ass Traktor logo

·  Some sort of status bar showing different lights - on air, samples, deck a/c and deck b/d indicators, keylock and master

·  Loop controls to crunch or expand the loop with what looks like an numerical readout

·  Built in track navigation and loading

·  Big filter on each channel

·  Lots of lights for ease of use in the dark

For the time being Native Instruments remain tight lipped but have said they will announce more information in August